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    Question Replacing thermal paste + Undervolting doesn't do the job?

    Laptop: ASUS TP500LB Graphics card: Nvidia GT940M Processor: Intel i7 5500u Thermal paste: Grizzly Kryonaut So recently I've replaced the old thermal paste on both of my GPU&CPU (they were crusty and old) and undervolted my CPU because I've been getting a thermal throttle whenever I play...
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    Solved! Laptop thermal problem (?)

    I bought MSI GL62M 7REX about a year ago with i7-7700HQ and GTX 1050 Ti 4gb, but i noticed that my laptop run slower than any laptop with similar configuration (i got ~690cb on cinebench r15 multicore performance), and my cpu sitting at 60-70 degree Celsius on idle. is it normal or something's...
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    Generally low performance on HP Laptop, possible thermal throttling.

    Hey guys, I need some serious help with my laptop. It's a HP Beats Special Edition 15-p010nm. Specifications are as follows: ---------------------------------------------- CPU: AMD® Richland APU Quad Core Processor A8-5545M clocked at 1.7GHz, Turbo up to 2.7GHz I believe GPU: AMD Radeon HD8510G...
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    Sony Viao Fan driver?

    I have a 2 year old Sony Vaio Svs13125cg with the GT640M LE gpu. Previously when it had the pre-installed windows 8.1, the computer ran absolutely fine. I could play games with a reasonable setting and get good fps. Games like tf2 could run maxed out at over 60fps(yes its not a very demanding...
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    Is my graphics card thermal throttling?

    hey, I own the MSI GTX 970 GAMING 4G (running 1440p resolution) I can't do any significant overclock what so ever, even w/ stock clocks my frame rate deeps to ~20 fps after around 30 minutes of gaming, in games from Battlefield 3 and counter-strike GO to less demanding games. I have to alt tab...