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  1. L

    European Bose System to USA

    Hi all: I'm an American living in Sweden and, while here, I bought a Bose Acousticmass 5 system and a Marantz receiver. Would you guys advise selling both before returning to the U.S., or is it feasible to run them off a good step-up transformer back in the U.S.? I use it pretty often, so it...
  2. jozeph

    Asus Transformer Book T100TA-DK048H-BE upgrade to windows 10 fails

    I'm trying to update my T100TA-DK048H-BE from windows 8.1 32 bit to windows 10. I didn't force the update, i waited until my device asked me if i wanted to update. I'm using a memory card for the upgrade, because of lack of diskspace. I've tried the update several times. Each time the upgrade...
  3. H

    Asus Transformer T100TA-H2-GR will not turn on.

    My Asus Transformer T100TA-H2-GR will not turn on. Plugged in or unplugged, it will not turn on. When plugged in, however, the white light is on indicating a full charge. On one occasion, when I attempted to turn the unit on, while plugged in, I could hear the machine turning on, whizzing...
  4. T

    WHERE TO BUY ??? Shipping A Laptop Out of Country. Need 208V Type C Input Plug for Charger.

    Hey guys my question is right in the subject :) I am buying a laptop here in the states and want to ship it out of country to a friend. Problem is that where she lives they use 208V and type C outlets. Where can I buy the input plugs for laptop transformers or is this something I would have to...
  5. jnewegger23

    Leaving tablet plugged in

    I have an Asus TF700T and I keep it plugged in all the time (via the attachable keyboard). I don't use my tablet that much and keep it on the low setting when not in use. Whenever I take it out to the coffee shop for a few hours it seems just fine. I recently read an article...