Aug 13, 2013
I have an Asus TF700T and I keep it plugged in all the time (via the attachable keyboard). I don't use my tablet that much and keep it on the low setting when not in use. Whenever I take it out to the coffee shop for a few hours it seems just fine.

I recently read an article:


To sum it up, they recommend never charging your laptop past 80% and never letting it discharge past 40% which can yield up to 4x's the battery life.

That noted, what have you observed and practiced? I've always kept everything plugged in all the time and I'm never in heavy use with my laptops or tablets away from the house anyways and usually upgrade before the battery is ever completely useless. What are your best practices and recommendations?

I know there are so many variables so there may be no one best solution nor does what works for say a laptop may work for my particular tablet. I'm just wondering. I've never gave this much thought before and would like to see what the Tom's Hardware community has to say about this.


Justin S


I did not read the article, but the it applies to tablets too since both have lithium ion / polymer batteries. For laptops I typically remove the battery (with an 80% charge) until I actually plan on taking the laptop somewhere with me. At which point I fully charge it. As for my tablet I generally charge it up to 90% unless I forget to unplug it. I usually allow it to drop to 40% or 50% before charging it up again.
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