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  1. Wayss37

    Solved! Battery capacity vs CPU wattage

    So is the CPU tdp relevant to the laptop's battery life, or is the battery capacity the most important factor, since any CPU can lower it's power consumption if needed? Say 6 core Ryzen vs 2 core U CPU Thanks!
  2. Wayss37

    Question Reducing the CPU frequency to prolong battery life?

    I'm curious if (as I understand that's possible), it is a good idea to do it to prolong battery life? Namely doing it in a laptop with Ryzen 5600h and 45Wh battery Thanks!
  3. Aragorn Ann

    Solved! Which of these two laptops should I upgrade?

    I’ve used an HP 15-ay065nr for a few years. About 1 ½ years ago I bought a Lenovo Yoga 730-131KB. The Lenovo was my favorite PC/laptop I’ve ever used…at first. Like many others, I’ve had problems with the screen being unusable due to a hardware issue where a particular wire gets caught under...
  4. Cowseed

    Question Laptop Battery not calibrating

    My laptop goes to 5 percent and dies super early. Thought this was suspicious and that the battery just needed calibrating. I decided "meh, why not" and just pushed the power button after it hibernated. It turned on surprisingly and stayed on. And then it went to 0% and went lasted the...
  5. M

    Question Slightly less casual gaming + battery

    This seems like the right kind of place for a good dose of common sense, so here goes. I use a UX430 Zenbook for school and work, and long battery is important to me. Recently, I got into less casual gaming (I don't do 3D, shooters or that sort of thing. We are talking emulators for up to PS2 or...
  6. M

    Question New Samsung Note 9 battery charger compatibility

    I just bought a new Samsung Note 9 (Exynos 9810). Little did I know that the model I ordered was the EU version and not the US version, so the charger I received was unusable with any of my power sockets. I ordered an adapter online but thanks to my impatience, decided to just charge the new...
  7. 1

    Solved! Asus Zenbook UX303UB Battery Issues

    Hello, i have this laptop for the last 3 years (1080p Version with GT 940M) and it does have a great battery live on the past two years. however, over the past few months i started to notice some issues with the battery, usually this laptop could last up to 5 to 6 hours of light task (browsing...
  8. D

    Solved! How much does having Airplane Mode turned on affect a laptop's battery life?

    Hi everyone. How much does having Airplane Mode turned on affect a laptop's battery life? I've heard more than once that turning on Airplane mode increases a laptop's battery life. Is this true? If this is true, how much does having a Airplane mode turned on affect a laptop's battery life...
  9. D

    Solved! How much does lowering the screen brightness on a laptop affect battery life?

    Hi everyone. I am curious, as a general rule, how much does lowering the screen brightness on a laptop affect its battery life? Like, how much longer battery life can one expect in general when running a laptop's screen brightness at 100% vs 75% vs 50% vs 25% vs 0%? Thank you.
  10. spiwar

    Solved! Should I keep the laptop plugged in all the time or Keep at 40-80% (heavy intensive workloads)

    So, I just bought a laptop. I'll keep this laptop at home most of the time, and will be using it for heavy tasks like video editing, gaming,.. I'll occasionally use this laptop for travelling purposes , and for that purpose I want to the laptop's battery to degrade as slow as possible...
  11. M

    Looking for a Laptop for school - my rationale is inside.

    Hey Everyone, I've done a ton of research and I'm plain having problems deciding on what my next laptop is going to be. To give you a little bit of information on me, I am a computer nerd (like most of you) and I want the best of the best. When looking for a laptop I realize that I can't get...
  12. W

    Help me find a laptop for uni

    Hello everyone :) Starting this Octomber i am going to study electrical and computer engineering and i want to buy a laptop since i am going to need it .. Also i want to play some games like dota 2 csgo 2d platformers and some indies So i am between the Asus ROG GL552VW and the MSI GE62 They...
  13. B

    Good battery life budget laptops

    I cannot find laptops that are no more than $400 and have a 4 hour battery life for office uses (Word and PDF documents and internet research; will not be used for games or videos). The most difficult part is finding battery life information, which is not available on websites such as Amazon or...
  14. ColonyKaleb

    Dell XPS 13 question

    So the XPS 13 inch touch screen model with 3200x1800 resolution expectedly gets less battery than the 1080 model. My question, as a prospective buyer, is in theory could you not get the higher res model and just turn the resolution to 1080 when you wanted longer battery life? I am trying to...
  15. V

    How to extend laptop battery life

    MY BACKGROUND: I bought a laptop for school use, and i have a long gap between classes. Im not always able to get to a charging port while at school, i also bought a mobile charger only to find out that it doesn't even full charge it for 100 dollars ( ridiculous, i know). When that battery is...
  16. LegendaryLeader

    Best Engineering Laptop for College (Budget - $1100)

    Greetings! I'll be going to college soon and after hours of research on engineering laptops I couldn't quite find the right laptop (since every forum recommends a laptop that costs $1800 - $3000, assuming that everyone can afford such a high price). I'll cut quick to the point of the purpose of...
  17. O

    Laptop for University - Bachelor of Information Technology

    I am starting University soon in which I will be completing a Bachelor of Information Technology, I am after a laptop that will be good for this course (I am pretty unsure) it will need to be portable and have lots of battery life - I will NOT be playing games on it other then a few online ones...
  18. S

    Gaming Laptop Advise

    I am looking into getting a Gaming laptop so when I travel I can play the games that I love. Please do not tell me to build a desktop as I already have one. I have a budget of $1750 and can't find a good laptop. Mainly because I keep seeing Alienware and how iconic it is for Laptop gaming...
  19. A

    Need a nice laptop that could play some games

    Hey guys. I really need to know what laptop i could get that meets all my requirements. Here they are. -Needs to be Portable (7 pounds or less) -Needs to be $2100 or less. I still need a premium price for my laptop -HAS TO HAVE GREAT BATTERY LIFE!!! -Needs to play less demanding games like team...
  20. P

    [HELP]Buying Laptop/Netbook with 4-6 hrs of battery life

    Hello ! I am asking this question behalf of my friend. He needs a laptop that has great battery life. Fan noise is not issue but that laptop should remain cool. Even AMD processor will do.(I heard new lineup is quite efficient) He is not going to play games on it but it would be great if it...
  21. LevelXAbstract

    Looking for a portable gaming laptop

    Hey, I'm looking for a nice portable gaming laptop. I'll be using it while travelling around Europe for 3 months or so. I was tossing up whether I wanted to get a tablet (something like the Galaxy Note 10.1 + a Class 10 64gb sd) or a laptop, but I figured I could use the laptop after I get home...
  22. Onus

    Buying today, which of these two would you choose, or...

    Time to do it. I've been reviewing laptop specs until my butt was about to merge with my chair. Battery life and durability are the most important factors (it may be taken where the power provided is solar). This laptop will be used for communication/email/surfing. I don't want a touch...
  23. jnewegger23

    Leaving tablet plugged in

    I have an Asus TF700T and I keep it plugged in all the time (via the attachable keyboard). I don't use my tablet that much and keep it on the low setting when not in use. Whenever I take it out to the coffee shop for a few hours it seems just fine. I recently read an article...
  24. K

    How to Optimize Battery Life on Windows Phone 8 Devices

    How to Optimize Battery Life on Windows Phone 8 Devices Introduction It is well known that Windows Phone's go very long on a single charge but in this tutorial we are going to increase that time! On my Windows Phone device I get up 72 Hours of battery on medium usage (Whatsapp, Wifi, Location...