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  1. E

    Question What about a VR dome rather than headset?

    So, looking forward, the headsets will gain resolution and get lighter but how about a less cumbersome display. OK, my application is for us older techies to travel via VR after our mobility or funds is/are diminished. I can imagine using a seated arrangement that has a dome created from small...
  2. A

    Solved! Movies From DVDs

    Can I copy movies from a dvd to the fire stick? I’d like to take one along when I travel.
  3. T

    Need help buying an ultrabook-type laptop for travelling

    Hi all, need some help from people who know more than me about laptops! Basically I'm going travelling abroad and looking to replace my ageing laptop. I'm not quite going backpacking or anything but I *do* need a laptop that's very portable and has good battery life. So a sturdy build is pretty...
  4. R

    Travel (small) ATX PC case

    I have recently bought my HTC vive, and I have had my gaming PC for about a year now. Along with getting a vive, one of the best things to do is share the experience, as most of you know. My small issue is my pc case size and weight. I have a rather large heavy case and it is a pain to move...
  5. G

    How to Photograph Fireworks

    Don't settle for blurry, out-of-focus shots of nighttime fireworks. We tell you what to turn off, how to play with composition and what gear you'll need. How to Photograph Fireworks : Read more
  6. akattkisson

    Best Waterproof iPhone Cases: Top Picks and User Ratings

    Before you hit the pool or the beach, protect your iPhone with a waterproof case. We've scoured the user reviews to bring you the best. Best Waterproof iPhone Cases: Top Picks and User Ratings : Read more
  7. F

    best lens with IS for my needs

    I know that primes are sharper than zoom lens but I think I need them for my travelling set. I only have 50mm 1.8 85mm 1.8 135 2.0 I am using it for event videos, corporate and for portraits what about a shorter focal legnth than Canon ef-s 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS?
  8. T

    Laptop for photography work

    I'm currently looking for a new laptop to work mostly on photoshop, editing pictures for prints. I've looked around but I'm having a hard time finding one which covers close to 100% Adobe RGB gamut and has a decent screen size, around 15 inches. Something not too heavy would be good (max 2,5...
  9. D

    Sager/Clevo W230SS or W110ER? (Need to make a decision today)

    Hi all, I am in the process of looking for a smaller, lightweight gaming laptop and I narrowed it down to one choice, but then I found a really good deal online. So, I am looking to you guys to help me decide. I would like to be able to run modern games, and continue to run modern games for a...
  10. W

    best devices for travel

    When I am at the airport, I can use my phone as usual for internet access, but my tablet (asus) won't connect to the wifi without paying/password, etc. Are there any devices, like a kindle fire, that do allow you to connect to wifi in that type of situation without having to pay? Would I be able...
  11. G

    JetBlue to Offer 12 Mbps Wi-Fi, Streaming Video in 2014

    Is Gogo now slo-mo? JetBlue and satellite partner ViaSat promise faster Internet than most people have at home, to be widespread next year. JetBlue to Offer 12 Mbps Wi-Fi, Streaming Video in 2014 : Read more
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    The Tech-Friendliest Airlines: Wi-Fi and Gadgets on Planes

    Under a new FAA ruling, which airlines have the tech-friendliest in-air gadget policies? And which ones provide Wi-Fi up in the clouds? The Tech-Friendliest Airlines: Wi-Fi and Gadgets on Planes : Read more