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  1. C

    How to play 1080p Movies in CRT TV Sony Wega using laptop.

    We own an old Sony Wega CRT TV. Is there any way I can connect my LD RD405 laptop ( It plays 1080p movies with ease) to it. The laptop and TV do not have any hdmi port. Is there a way that the output display can be transferred to the CRT TV.
  2. J

    Is there a good media player which also have a tv tuner? (I don't know if this is the right section to ask)

    I'm planning to buy a tv tuner and I come to think there are tv tuners with media players. I want to pick one which can support h.264 (or even h.265) with containers like AVI, MKV, MP4, for a good price. Can you like recommend me some? Please help and Thank you for noticing.:) :)
  3. O

    Silicon dust HDHR on gigabit ethernet, How??

    I just bought the Silicon Dust HDHR connect. Since, on the SiliconDust website I don't see a forum for this model and it appears the website and forum have not been updated in years I am going to post my question here. I hope someone can help. I have this hooked up to my gigabit ethernet in...
  4. D

    If I have a Comcast box, would a CableCard cost extra?

    I rent a RNG-110 from my local Comcast Service department, I am also planning on getting a Hauppauge WinTV tuner box for my computer, said box requires a M-Card. From what I've read, a CableCard doesn't cost you anything if you only need one of them, but if I already have the box, would I have...
  5. O

    TV Tuner Cards Explained?

    Hey, can somebody explain to me exactly what TV tuners, internal or external, do? Can I use one in my PC instead of using an external cable box? Do I need any software to use a tuner card? Also, will it operate as well/as easily as an external cable box, or is there a learning curve? Will I have...
  6. S

    tv tuner card or video capture card

    Not sure if I put this under the right section of the forum. I want to turn my computer into a dvr, I am just not sure if I should buy a tuner card, or a capture card. I would be using a verizon vios set top box to get the video feed, so I am not sure if i would need a tuner card. However, I...
  7. D

    Turn a PC into a remote DVR

    I wish to replace the rental DVR I get from Comcast, so I have investigated PC HD tuner cards (plus, I have many extra hard drives). I want to watch my cable on a TV and still be able to use my PC as a computer. Does such a device exist?
  8. soundguruman

    Recommend video and tuner cards???

    OK, what can you do about a home theater setup? I want 2 tuner cards in PCI slots, that will give me a real 1080 HD picture, one for satellite, the other for cable, or one tuner card with two (switchable) cable inputs... I want a video card in the PCIe 16X slot, that has 2 HDMI outputs for two...