Recommend video and tuner cards???

OK, what can you do about a home theater setup?

I want 2 tuner cards in PCI slots, that will give me a real 1080 HD picture, one for satellite, the other for cable, or one tuner card with two (switchable) cable inputs...

I want a video card in the PCIe 16X slot, that has 2 HDMI outputs for two monitors at the same time.

And I want a real nice 1080 HD picture on both monitors, at the same time, without the freezing, lagging, jittering typical of junk video setups.

And I want to run these on a Gigabyte quad core board.

Battleship sized cards are OK, with fans, etc...and I have plenty of watts to run them. So what do you think, what would you recommend or buy?

Thanks for your thoughts and replies. Soundguruman