Connecting Zvox sound bar to A/V receiver


Dec 17, 2015
The Zvox has its own amp, so how can I use this sound bar with my new Pioneer LX303 receiver? I want to use the sound bar for watching TV shows because the voices can be heard much better over the background noise/music playing in the background. Presently I have the cable input to a cable company tuner, from the tuner to the TIVO Bolt. The TIVO has an optical output to the ZVOX. The video from the TIVO is via HDMI to the ARC input on the 1080 Smart TV (Samsung) What is the best way to connect this equipment to the new A/V receiver so that I can select the zvox for regular TV programming, and the A/V speaker system for DVD's, music, of streaming action movies ?
Your AV system should sound better than the Zvox on any content.
Did you set up the AVR with a mic? Sometimes that doesn't work correctly. Don't be afraid to raise the center channel level. That will bring out dialogue. The AVR may have some other ways to enhance dialogue clarity so check the manual.
If the soundbar is connected to the optical output of the TV You could switch between ARC and optical in the TV menu. Another option would be to split the optical output of the TV and connect both the soundbar and receiver to the splitter. Now you can just turn on the one you want to use.


Dec 17, 2015

After speaking with Pioneer, there is no present way to use the A/V model 303 to use the ZVOX soundbar. So the next best route I feel is use your suggestion to switch the optical input to the ZVOX, ON when I want to use this route, and OFF to use the A/V receiver sound speakers.
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