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  1. K

    Question Laptop won't turn on only showing charging white light.

    Hey guys, Im having a problem regarding my hp laptop model is 8470p. 2 days ago i left the laptop on, updating windows for overnight but when i woke up, it was completely dead, no response to power button and kept showing charge white light no matter if adapter is connected or not it keeps...
  2. D

    laptop on battery automatically off but working well without battery

    Hi I have a Dell inspiron i5 4gb, about 3years old. When I connect laptop to the charger with battery plugged in...it automatically turns off in few minutes The laptop is working well without battery. Help!
  3. Odonix

    Laptop Won't Start | Orange Charge Light Flashing | Dust

    So I took apart this laptop because the case is damaged and doesn't function properly (so its bare). I turned it on and it booted up fine but the battery was going down even though it was plugged in. I was just tinkering around and started to make a wooden base for it since the case was broken...