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  1. guizmopeg

    Solved! Can't properly transfer TV sound to sound system

    I know this problem is as old as the hills, but I still can't manage to find anything precise about my case, even though it seems pretty basic to me. I have a 32" LCD LG TV, model: 32LG60-UA (2008). I also have a Durabrand 5.1 sound system, model: HT-3917 (2007). When it comes to audio out, my...
  2. itsgeeeee

    Solved! how can i bluetooth connect my lg soundbar (model sk4d) to my toshiba 55U7863DB 55" smart tv?

    i don't have the necesary wires handy to be able to connect it through hdmi or optical so this is my preferred way of connection (though if not possible, will just go out and buy an optical wire when possible)
  3. seancaptain

    10 Hottest TVs for 2014

    From affordable 4K sets to curved big screens, these are the hottest TVs to look out for in 2014. 10 Hottest TVs for 2014 : Read more