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  1. AcidElement

    Confusing UDP Firewall Blocks

    Over the past few days I've noticed something odd about my firewall. There is an insane, and I mean unimaginable amount of ARP requests being blocked on my Comodo Internet Security 10 firewall if I have the anti-ARP spoofing setting on, and when its off there is an insane amount of UDP requests...
  2. JohnProto

    OPPO's UDP-203 4K/UHD Coming soon but is it Multi-Zone 4K Bluray/region free?

    I have the Panasonic 902b 65 inch 4k TV and when I bought it I learnt that the matching 4k Panasonic DMP-UB900 Player was not region free so i was gutted about that. But now Ive found out that OPPO are releasing a 4k player that will match that panasonic. Im wondering if anyone has any info...
  3. J

    Udp trouble in Android studio

    Im trying to make a single UDP app in android studio. Whenever I run the app and press the button the app crashes. Im using Datagram object to make it. My code seems to be alright but I don´t know where the mistake is. ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY please, help me. This is the main activity page ...