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  1. jsimenhoff

    Announcing the Tom’s Guide Dell XPS Q&A and Laptop Giveaway!

    Ever wanted to ask one of the big hardware or software giants something directly? How did you design that? Where did that feature come from? What’s in store next? Well, now you have the chance! Tom’s Guide is proud to announce a Q&A and XPS 13 Laptop Giveaway with our friends at Dell. Donnie...
  2. E

    M4800 HD or FHD

    Hi, I'm looking forward to buy a Dell Precision M4800. I'm inclined to wards FHD ultrasharp wide panel but saw many threads where people have mentioned of grainy display (screen door effect.). Said that, Is 1366x768 is better than FHD for this laptop? Also, is the screen of DELL Latitude E6540...