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  1. dmcfc

    Smartphone Recommendation $400,00

    I'm looking to buy a new smartphone for around 400. I was considering the Iphone SE, however, I live in Brazil and frequency used here is the same used by Sprint in the US. And I can't buy Sprint's version of the iphone unlocked. I started researching and I narrowed it down to basically to...
  2. M

    Best gaming laptop UK under £900?

    Title says it all. Best laptop for gaming under £900, has to be in UK. Thanks!
  3. P

    Laptop with IPS display under 1000 (light gaming/photoshop)

    Im looking for a 15" laptop with a good and accurate IPS display. Will be mainly used for Photoshop, Autocad and some light gaming. What do you guys recommend?
  4. crazygamer2255

    good gaming laptop under $500 dollars that can run tf2 at max settings

    i'm trying to find a good laptop that can play tf2 at max settings at 60 frames per second and 1080p, sadly enough, i can't spend 1,000 on an amazing gaming laptop, but does anyone know of a laptop for a cheap price (preferable even under like 350) that can run tf2 at max settings or cs:go at...
  5. J

    Best laptop for around $600 australia? Really need some help?

    Hey guys, I have been searching for a laptop for months now, but everytime I find a good one. It goes out of stock and discontinued. I would like it to be able to do some gaming but not heaps. So really something with a decent graphics card. All the ones I have seen dont have dedicated graphics...
  6. G

    Best Laptop under $900?

    Hello Everyone, Basically I'm looking for the best laptop under $900. I already have a good desktop but I want a good laptop for the portability of it. I'll be using it for gaming, mainly Minecraft. I'm located in Australia so I want to buy the laptop inside of my country, pccasegear, Dick...