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  1. tsaltmarsh

    Samsung Galaxy s7

    Samsung Galaxy s7 I changed cell providers from verizon to cricket still get Verizon startup. I also ge an Error code "SIM card is not from Verizon Wireless. "
  2. I

    Can I buy a Galaxy S4 overseas?

    Hi Guys! I am currently in the Florida for my holiday! I live in the UK! I currently have a iPhone 5 in a contract and I was wondering if I could buy an unlocked Galaxy S4 and use the SIM card from my iPhone to work on a S4. I am asking this because I can save around £200 buying it in America...
  3. attacus

    Acer 6935 4GB to 8GB ram upgrade possible?

    Acer's website says that the 6935 and 6935g have a limit of 4GB ddr3 1066Mhz ram. However, the P45 chipset takes 8GB. Is there a surefire way to know if I can upgrade the ram without actually buying it? I have an unlocked bios version 1.20. The pictures shows a list of the menus that come with...
  4. B

    Straight talk phones that run off of verizon towers

    what smart phones with straighttalk run off verizon towers?