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  1. Connoru

    Solved! Acer Swift 3 SF314 USB C Port Upgrade

    I recently attempted to use DisplayPort(monitor) to USB- C (acer swift SF314) alt mode to use monitor as second display. After doing some research I found out that I had USB C 3.0 gen one which can't transmit video. I was wondering if it's possible to upgrade a USB C 3.0 Gen 1 to a USB C 3.0 Gen 2
  2. J

    Question Please Help! USB 3.0 Problems

    So basically I have a Elgato HD60 S Game Capture Card for ps4 to pc. My computer doesn't have any usb 3.0 ports and whenever I try to plug the usb 3.0 into the 2.0 in my computer it won't work for the elgato. Says it need a usb 3.0 to function. But I don't have one and my dad won't let me buy a...