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    Keep laptop cool

    Hi! So I'm using Acer Aspire V3 722G, but it gets hot really fast. For example my PC runs BO3 nicely, but I have to play with lowest resolution and lowest settings, and I can play 2-3 rounds until it shuts down. Even when I play with intregrated GPU MOBO gets to 96C very fast when playing. I'm...
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    Gigabyte P35W V3: CPU Reaching 95C? Cooling Questions!

    I just got my P35W V3 3K It's specs are a 4720HQ (3.6), 970m 6gb, and 16gb RAM. When I play games with it plugged it, or even when unplugged, the CPU reaches outrageously high temps. on the gaming profile in the Smart manager (or the Auto-High mode from older verisons) eaches about 80-85% fan...