Gigabyte P35W V3: CPU Reaching 95C? Cooling Questions!


Jun 13, 2013
I just got my P35W V3 3K
It's specs are a 4720HQ (3.6), 970m 6gb, and 16gb RAM.

When I play games with it plugged it, or even when unplugged, the CPU reaches outrageously high temps.
on the gaming profile in the Smart manager (or the Auto-High mode from older verisons) eaches about 80-85% fan speed at max in Windows 10.
It's clearly not enough, as at the 94-95C area, all cores are only at 2.6-3.3ghz, a very bad sign. My CPU is downclocking just to keep from burning up.

I set the fans to 100%, and it's STILL 95C. Now clocks stay at 3.3ghz, but man, not much improvementt.
I am playing on a flat cool hard wooden tabletop in a wide open room, and elevating the laptop doesn't help either.

Next I bought this Cooling Pad:
and even though it keeps the outside body of the bottom of the laptop icy cool (for at least longer than before) the internal temp of the CPU is STILL 95C.

I now run 100% fans, and now I have it with 100% fanspeed, 100% CPU cooling pad speed, and achieve 92C and only 3.3ghz out of my potential 3.6ghz...

I must point out that I am playing Battlefield 4 Multiplayer when I reach these numbers, a very hardware intensive game. Not many other games installed yet, but these temps are seemingly only reached when playing Battlefield 4 so far. Normally, the CPU still reaches about 89-90C, and still tends to downclock to 3.3ghz when over 89C...
Oddest part is my GPU seems fine, running only 76-79C usually, and never goes over 82C.

What else can I do besides opening the sucker up and re-pasting it. This isn't an option because I cannot afford to void my warranty or harm the laptop, as this is my college laptop, and it is vital I get no downtime from it (sending it back isn't an option either, as class time is a factor right now)
Is this just me getting these numbes? What is going on? This cannot be healthy for my laptop.