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    My PC Gone Crazy

    i don't know if its the right section for my topic but i guess this is the closest one. a While ago I Was just fine until it comes a day when everything Collapse. i was Running Win 7 x64 the day all of these started ... so what happened was a bunch of Errors such as: 1- Missing .exe for these...
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    Help with rendering problems

    I'm looking for some help with rendering videos. I'll start off by explaining what i'm trying to do I use a program called to capture game play footage but the "creat a clip" function of the app is not the best and if you want to crop two or more moments of in game brilliance together...
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    Sony Vegas Crashing While Rendering

    Hi there guys so this is the error code i'm getting while rendering on sony vegas Unmanaged Exception (0xc0000005), I'm running an Nvidia GTX 980ti trying to render videos when all of a sudden this error pops up then shut the problem down after i close the error message, also rendering pretty...
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    Sony Vegas Pro 13 Not Responding When I Drag Media In Timeline.

    I am running the latest build of Sony Vegas 13 and usually edit videos using it. Just recently my Sony Vegas 13 Program would start "Not Responding" once I dragged in media from the timeline! I have restarted my computer nothing changes! I have looked at Youtube videos and try all there is with...
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    Rendering Help Sony Vegas.

    I'm rendering 720p videos and they are taking 16-17 minutes just for a 5 minute video, doesn't sound right at all. I have an fx 8350, with 8gb 1600ram. I'm at stock speed too. Can someone give me some settings?
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    Vegas Pro Problem

    Each video's after half, no sound.Sorry for my bad english.Thanks for your help.
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    Vegas Pro 13 Freezes computer

    ok so i just rebuilt my PC with bigger and better components and now Vegas Pro 13 freezes and forces me to have to manually restart the computer. i followed another guide to turn off GPU rendering, once done the program no longer freezes the computer but now it crashes, here is the report...
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    How to know frame size of video file (frame size, bit depth, etc.) (Sony Vegas Pro 9)

    I can't find very simple information. I am working with video file with Sony Vegas Pro 9.0. Is there a way to know information (resolution, frame rate, bit depth, etc.) of my original video file in Vegas Pro 9? I am not asking about presets or rendering, but data of original video file. I...