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    watching movies on a pc moniter

    I have a 27in hp monitor with HDMI/VGA/DVI-d connections. Can I watch movies using any of those ports from my dvd player or my LG-stylo 2 phone
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    How to I connect HTC vive and monitor, at the same time

    I bought HTC vive. And it is connected with hdmi to my graphics card. I only have one hdmi in my graphicscard. And i also need to connect my monitor. I have two DVI, but none in my monitor. I have VGA in my monitor, but none in my graphicscard. I bought DVI to VGA adapter. but still doesn't...
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    Confused with Philips or Panasonic

    Philips 32PFL5039/V7 240Hz HD ready Vs Panasonic TH 32C460DX 100Hz Full HD Please help me quickly.
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    Connecting VGA to DVI-D, RCA, or component?

    I've been doing a lot of research on how I might be able to hook up my laptop to my TV (to watch online content on my TV screen). I was starting from scratch because I literally knew nothing except HDMI. The specs: My TV has a four-pronged S-Video female and the 3 RCA female plugs. It also...
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    Samsung Rv520 laptop lost screen

    Hi all, My laptop screen has been broken for quite a while (totally cracked with no screen showing) thus have been using a second monitor connected to the laptop via HDMI or vga. However, last night my sister decided to reinstall windows 7 and restore the laptop as it was running slow...
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    laptop DELL VOSTRO 1510 ... VGA is not working on external monitor, need help

    laptop DELL VOSTRO 1510 ... VGA is not working on external monitor, need help...VGA of my laptop does not work on the external monitor with VGA, is there might be VGA problem or my laptop settings? Help wanted.... Thanks