May 4, 2016
I've been doing a lot of research on how I might be able to hook up my laptop to my TV (to watch online content on my TV screen). I was starting from scratch because I literally knew nothing except HDMI.

The specs:
My TV has a four-pronged S-Video female and the 3 RCA female plugs. It also has an HDTV DVI-D Dual Link female and component female plugs (the red, green, blue ones) in the back. The television is an HDTV RCA scenium, model number D52W136D. It's an older model, as the back is really big and bulky.

My laptop is an HP Pavillion G6 with an AMD Radeon HD 7520G video card. It only has VGA and HDMI (female, of course).

I've seen adapters (cords, not converter boxes) that have VGA male on one side and S-Video male + 3 RCA female on the other (that would just mean that I'd need a male to male 3 piece RCA cord, right?). I've also seen small adapters (again, not full-blown boxes) that you can supposedly use in between VGA and DVI (TV DVI port + adapter + double-ended VGA cord + laptop VGA port). However, I've also heard that you can only use those adapters with certain (rare) video cards, otherwise you won't get a picture or it will be extremely distorted. There are also cables that have male VGA on one side and the 3 male component plugs on the other, but I haven't done too much research yet to find out if those are a good option. I sort of gather that YPbPr, which is the colour space for component plugs, is functional with more modern connectors vs. RGB colour space, but beyond that I'm unsure.

Is anyone able to let me know if my video card is one of those cards or how I can find out? I'm assuming it's not going to be, so does anybody have any other suggestions of how I can connect the two devices aside from investing in a converter box?