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    Video card isnt working properly?

    So, i have recently came accros problem- i recently started playing battlefield 4 on my laptop, at the first 1-2 weeks it was working fine, but now, my videocard justs sometimes shuts off while im playing. I checked it by using EVGA Precisoion X, at the stat it runs on default clock speed at...
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    can I speed up my dual core athlon to be an editing PC

    hi it's been a year since I ask anything about computers. Lately, This year I have a lot of customers for video editing. I only have 3 PCs: 1. intelcore i5 i5 4690k with 16 gb ram 2. AMD a10 5800k with 8gb ram 3. athlon IIx2 255 with 4k ram Since me and my partner have a lot of videos to...
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    amd problem? or just mine?

    dedicated gpu not detected. sadlyf maan acer e5-551g amd fx-7500 amd radeon r7 m265 2gb 8gb of ram when i run gta v on my laptop, it only detects the onboard gpu ram. the game runs un ave about 28fps on lowest of the low settings. i updated all my drivers and chipset drivers and still, no...