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  1. C

    Question Blank https redirects to "This site can't be reached"

    Whenever I type in any website "", it would redirect me to this broken link But then the second time I type it in and then it finally redirects to the actual site. Why does this happen? Is this a virus? Malware? Or some browser extension that could cause...
  2. K

    Question Auto scrolling scrollbars, sliders more. Virus?

    I had not shut down my Windows 7 Pro machine in a week or so until last night. On booting this morning I began having the following issues: 1) Drive display of my optical drives vanished from Explorer. If I select My Computer, however, they appear under Devices With Removable Storage. If I boot...
  3. noyaus

    Chrome Freezing on Windows 7 making everything freeze/lag or slow down

    Hi Guys When I open chrome now it has a moment were it now freezes out of nowhere. Like when I type it freezes. It works well on IE11. I am not sure what is going on. It happened to Task Manager as well. i just uninstalled AVG and replaced with Trend as my Antivirus expired. Now it is being a...