Question Auto scrolling scrollbars, sliders more. Virus?

Jan 15, 2020
I had not shut down my Windows 7 Pro machine in a week or so until last night. On booting this morning I began having the following issues:

1) Drive display of my optical drives vanished from Explorer. If I select My Computer, however, they appear under Devices With Removable Storage. If I boot in Safe Mode, the drives appear properly, however all other symptoms below remain.

2) Most scrollbars are scrolling automatically to the right and down. Even when the bar is selected and manually dragged to the left or top, the bar will return back right or down, sometimes without even being released. This does not occur in all applications, but appears to affect almost all system windows in some capacity (not all applications).

3) Similar behavior is affecting sliders and drop down menus. For example, the system volume slider (when opened) will automatically descend towards 0% (but if it closed mid-descent, the descent is arrested, at least until it is opened again). Similarly, if I open a YouTube video and hover over the volume slider, it automatically moves rightward until reaching max volume).

4) Autofill is also affected; as typing begins the string begins inexorably cycling through the possibilities. The only way to type in a filename, such as MissingDrives.JPG is to wait until the autofill stops and then type the desired filename at the end of whatever has been autofilled, before highlighting and deleting the autofilled portion.

5) Some font sizing has been affected. For example, there are websites where if I am not logged in the font is one size, but upon logging in, the font is resized, which is not normal behavior.
I've run Malwarebytes and Norton scans without success. Malwarebytes found sound minor issues, but quarantining the issues produced no results.

Running in Safe Mode appear to have no effect, with the exception that the Optical Drives display properly.

I'm assuming this is a virus, but I'm not sure how to proceed. The current symptoms are annoying, but I'm really worried about whether there are additional issues lurking out of sight.


edit - I should mention I've tried swapping out both the mouse and keyboard without any change in the issue.
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boot with Ubuntu live, if it happens there too, it might be a hardware problem

shutdown the system, disconnect the power plug and reset the BIOS

the optical drive usually appears if a CD/DVD is inserted

maybe reverting windows back to a previous restore point can help