bitdefender got hacked a month after i warned them of my infection

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Jul 13, 2014
i warned bitdefender a month ago how bad my malware or ip hacking is and how they needed to update their security. they told me nothing was wrong and my hardware was bad. i call them and tell them how bad it really is since their difficult to use reporting system didnt find anything. and phone rep plead the 5th. just asked me if there was any other issues. i said ha lawyer talk, no i guess thats it. he said have a good day and hung up.

hospital server got hacked and someone tried to injure me with hospital equipment by hacking the server and modifying code that the equipment runs. nurse caught in plenty of time and they shut the server down to prevent further attacks during my stay. afterward i dont have a clue. this was over a year ago and done and over with. bitdefender still refused to take me seriously.

you will see the proof of existence malware while using bitdefender. i will not release any details of the infection not already shared until further notice. by the time they actually did take me seriously their application suite began receiving and downloading malware from bitdefender servers. after they plead the fifth the servers were shut down. at that time i couldnt even remove my devices from bitdefender central! android client app was modifying its settings as i tried to get it uninstalled and i have multiple witnesses. would not release admin rights. had to restart my phone to do much of anything. allow me to set up a scenario.

lets say you have an i7 8700k and 16gb of corsair vengeance rbg and a gtx 780. both gpu and cpu watercooled and overclocked at reasonable temperatures. has bitdefender total security and is an established os. now second computer is a basic kind of slow unprotected laptop or media center low power desktop with a fresh reinstall of windows but kept connection over local network to main desktop with bitdefender installed. BOTH COMPUTERS SHOW ZERO SLOWDOWNS OR OTHERWISE MALICIOUS ACTIVITY WITHOUT BITDEFENDER BEING INSTALLED TO EITHER DEVICES. both computers reporting no signs of attack running latest windows 10 build with updates installed. HAPPENED AT MY HOUSE WITH MY COMPUTERS AND MY FRIENDS HOUSE WITH HIS COMPUTERS. AT SEPARATE TIMES. OVER THE LAST MONTH POSSIBLY FURTHER ON AT MY HOUSE. heres what it did. laptop/ low power desktop hits 100% usage across the board unusablely slow. otherwise unaffected. on main desktop there seems to be equal usage to laptop however desktop is easily usable as it has more resources. chrome will not launch and sometimes kodi videos start over repeatedly. other similar signs of attack as well. when laptop is either forced shut down or network connection is terminated to laptop, the desktop INSTANTLY begins working normally and chrome launches automatically without a second attempt. R.A.M. data seams easily modifiable however all drives of desktop with bitdefender installed seems untouchable. bitdefender was installed on my low power home theater desktop but didnt really seem to be operational and sometimes wont start bitdefender at boot. asus aura software would run for month or two without corrupting the led patterns. all of a sudden the app wont run and reports a bug on every launch or boot. can not go back to my set led config so i uninstalled it. at first it just froze the active pattern, as i look now the ram previously controlled with aura is frozen and the asus prime z370a is doing its out of box thing.

Why could this be? could hackers be running brute force commands from the (fresh os laptop)/ (established low power desktop with corrupted bitdefender) to the established os desktop with bitdefender? why? what do i have thats so valuable? im poor and i have no seemingly interesting files on my system except for windows 8/10 pre release iso's that came up missing. i have so many questions! why does the attack simply not happen when i uninstall bitdefender or prior to installing it? why do cache files that redirect to malicious sites ONLY activate when i search for a product on on android and NOT the desktop version on android or when im viewing messages, sale and buy items? and while bitdefender is installed? why have running full scan on the desktop quickly produce a BSOD "memory management" with $680 in new motherboard, ram, and cpu and zero errors otherwise? why dont any scans on any devices or sending in the several requested files to bitdefender find any signs of malicious activity?



Dec 15, 2014
Virus protection software cannot protect you from all the threats in the world. A major company like bitdefender is not going to update their security suite to satisfy the demands of one customer. As long as someone really knows what they're doing, there's little you can do to defend against it. Thus why some of the biggest companies in the world can get hacked and leak tons of personal data.


Dec 6, 2008
Why are you posting all this here? Shouldn't you be contacting the FBI for your accusations? Bitdefender is one of the highest rated AV programs out there so that leads me to believe you have something else going on if you were hacked like someone got into your BIOS and altered it. That has nothing to do with Bitdefender. Contact the FBI and get a report going for starters, especially if you think your life was endangered by said alleged hacking. We are not lawyers here, we are just computer nerds.


Jul 25, 2012
The only thing I'm going to say here is be very careful what you say and post.

Make certain you are 100% correct in your claims and be certain you have evidence, because if not this comes very close to something that could get you in trouble for slander if you cannot back it up.
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