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    Sony Vegas 12 visual effects not showing in viewer window

    I have a project I am rendering which is an interview with 3 different camera angles. The lighting/ colour is slightly different on each of them, so I want to apply some filters/corrections to them to make them all as close as possible. The problem: When I apply a visual effect, it doesn't...
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    Need help with PC for VFX/3D work (Maya, Nuke, AE, C4D, Photoshop...)

    Hi guys. So I've been a mac user for the last 8 years or so, and am looking to get into a new computer. I can't afford 3K for a new mac, so am thinking about switching back over to PC. The work I do is mainly VFX and 3D related, and something with good power for rendering would be nice. I'm...
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    Unreal Engine 4 Gets New Visual Effects for Games

    Find out what amazing visuals can be created with Epic Games' development tools. Unreal Engine 4 Gets New Visual Effects for Games : Read more
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    Suggestions on 17" laptop for visual effects work.

    I'm new to this tom's hardware, so, i'm not sure whether or not i'm posting my thread in the correct section. i'm adobe, autodesk user, and about to go into my second year of animation and visual effects. would be doing much more heavy work on visual effects. i was considering getting a custom...