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  1. B

    Question VPN on router

    Can I set up a home VPN Server for incoming connections and simultaneously connect to a Commercial Client VPN for outbound privacy? The scenario is to connect to the home by laptop over cellphone using the Private VPN and then use my local network resources including connecting back out through...
  2. C

    Solved! NORD VPN troubles

    Hi can anyone advise what to do with Nord VPN? Ii is probably the best VPN. I’ve got 3 years paid version. Previously everything was OK but lately a lot of websites reject the connection when I use NORD. It got very troublesome. And ‘course even more cases when I had to prove I'm not a robot. To...
  3. Paradise My-Colors

    masking apps as other apps from isp (VPN like)

    hi everyone, I was wondering if there is a way to hide my apps internet usage from my ISP within another app. the reason I need this is my ISP allows only connection to a social networking sites (Facebook, whatsapp, Instagram... ) anything other than that will fail to connect (like normal VPNs...
  4. digitaldefector

    Man in the Middle

    How would I go about encrypting my traffic from my pc to the wifi router so that my search terms and traffic can't be read in case of man in the middle attack? Basically I see that my pc's name, and IP are monitored on the router, which I don't mind, I however don't want my traffic left for...