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  1. P

    Question Spilled water on my laptop, but it’s working fine.

    So I recently spilled some water on my laptop. It wasn’t a large amount, but enough to cover around half of the trackpad and some of the keys. I dried it with my shirt and stupidly forgot to turn it off. Somehow though, it was working completely fine and I didn’t notice any problems with the...
  2. M

    Solved! Water damage: Some keys (t,y,Tab,ctrl,f3, f4, f6) not working EVEN with USB/bluetooth keyboard, but touchscreen keyboard working. HP Pavilion x360

    14-cd0508sa HP Pavilion x360 convertible touchscreen Win10 Water spilled on keyboard and continued use for several hours. Next day noticed some keys not working. Took apart a few days later and removed battery and affected keys. No sign of residual water and left to dry for a few days. Same keys...
  3. Hyosungelena

    Question I spilled water on my laptop,both sides,double values for some keys and possible battery damage?

    I spilled water on the both sides of my laptop.I dried it as fast as I could,and thank God it still turns on.But the laptop doesn't turn off at 0 percent (It used to turn off at 7 percent if I remember correctly)and some keys type double values.For example,both key 'p' and key '-' type p-. 'W'...
  4. XxSadGirlxX

    Solved! Urgent HELP, Water on Laptop, won't Turn on.

    So, My mother thinks that Gaming is the devil and took my Dell Inspiron 15 7577 Laptop and put it under a tap and left it there and kept it with her for 2 days, I made a ruckus and she gave it back but it was dry and won't turn on. I took it apart and dry it wven more but no luck, it shows no...
  5. wjdgone

    Solved! Water damage on Asus Q525UA

    Last night when I was not around my (open) laptop, my water bottle had tipped over all over my keyboard. I found out a few mins after, during which my friends had dried out the surface and tried turning it on from sleep mode. I know the first rule is to never turn it back on when wet, but I was...
  6. berypurda

    Solved! ASUS laptop keeps restarting

    I have an ASUS Rog strix scar III g531GU, I spilled water on it a day ago, i opened it, disconnected the battery, there was like 2-3 drops of water in it, on the paper on my ram stick, but no water anywhere else, today I put it back together, it boots up, both my ram sticks are working, but...
  7. Emma9197

    Solved! Spilled water on my laptop

    Hello i spilled water on my laptop and i took every possible actions. Removed all the water on the outer side. My laptops battery cant be removed. I was afraid to make damage to my laptop so i didnt open up the bottom. I left it dry for the night and now it wont even turn on. Please is it...
  8. T

    Water damage issues

    I spilled some water on my laptop yesterday. The laptop wasnt on. After cleaning it I turned it on and the keyboard wasnt working properly. So I unplugged everything and waited about 8 hours. I tried again, some of the keys were working again but the password of the laptop isnt working now. My...
  9. R

    Solved! Asus ROG laptop was 1/3rd submerged. Is it dead?

    Hi, There was a fire in my friends house a few weeks ago and has managed to save her laptop. the only thing is that it was 1/3rd under water (The front lid area was facing down in the bag.) I have dissassembled the laptop. the harddrive, possibly ram, m.2 ssd, usb ports, keyboard ribbon cable...
  10. T

    if the backlight on my macbook air is not working due to water damage

    do i have to replace the LCD or the Backlight? or is it not repairable. Could the backlight be part of the motherboard what is the best approach when fixing the backlight by itself? please help. again this is Water Damaged. Is it worth spending 200+?? or more to fix. thank you.
  11. M

    Windows Phone turns on by itself after damage.

    I accidentally dropped my Microsoft Lumia 535 Dual-Sim into the toilet. I cleaned it and air dried it. Now when I put the battery back in it it turns on by itself and keeps rebooting. It never gets past the Microsoft screen. I've tried hard resetting it but it just reboots. Can anyone please...
  12. Masamune_Smokey

    Water damaged Z1s help

    So my Z1s got some water inside of it yesterday. It worked fine up until a few hours ago when the screen just turned black. SOMETIMES, the screen will be normal but then it fades to black after a while. Is this the end for this phone or is there something I can do to save it? EDIT: I just...
  13. C

    Water damaged Note 3 - Help needed!

    So I was walking my dog while it was raining. When I got home I realized that after some hours the screen on the phone (Samsuns Note III) was flimmering. Taking off the back cover I realized there had been water inside. I quickly took out the battery/sim/sd and put it in rice. When I tried to...
  14. D

    Samsung Galaxy 3 Troubleshooting

    Hi there, my phone was damaged when I jumped into a pool to help my dog who was stuck in the pool cover (silly beasts). It is a Samsung Galaxy 3. The phone will turn on and charge, but it does not respond to being touched and the backlight will not turn on. I had the phone brought into a...
  15. gimsin8

    Water damaged Alienware M15X (possible repair help!)

    *update* giving the mother board a good cleaning with distilled water & 99% alcahol . will update with results in a few days. fingers crossed a little over a week ago coffee got spilled into the keyboard of my M15X yay me.. right afterwards the screen flickered it shut off at the same time i...