Solved! Water damage: Some keys (t,y,Tab,ctrl,f3, f4, f6) not working EVEN with USB/bluetooth keyboard, but touchscreen keyboard working. HP Pavilion x360

Apr 5, 2021
14-cd0508sa HP Pavilion x360 convertible touchscreen Win10
Water spilled on keyboard and continued use for several hours.
Next day noticed some keys not working.
Took apart a few days later and removed battery and affected keys. No sign of residual water and left to dry for a few days.
Same keys still not working, so assumed external keyboard would fix things.
Confusingly the exact same problem replicated with external USB and Bluetooth keyboards, but not with touchscreen keyboard.
(although y button returns cursor to start of sentence with external keyboard).
Remapping keys works but obviously not ideal.

Any idea what the affected component is given pattern of keys affected?
And given external keyboard has same issue, I'm thinking it's not the keyboard, but depends how the external keyboard integrates into things).
The keyboard is glued to casing and everything would need to be removed to access.
Everything else works.

you would need to unhook the keyboard from the motherboard and then see if the external keyboard has the same issue. With water damage who knows where it got to.