Question HP 15-n013ca Pavilion some keys not working


Jul 19, 2014
I have an HP Pavilion 15-n013ca laptop here where many of the keys are not working. I can't tell if they are shorted pressed, or open unpressed.

I've had the keyboard out and none of the keys seem sticky and all have good travel. There is no way to get to the contacts/mylar layer so I cant look for any foreign material in the keyboard.

It doesn't feel like a keyboard issue, either. Usually keys will be sticky or hard presses sometimes get you a press - but not on this laptop.

Is there any tools to diagnose keyboard issues? Some way to detect if keys are stuck pressed or just not pressing at all? Maybe something that can examine the keyboard interface for issues?

The next step would be to order a replacement keyboard, as I said, I don't think it would help, but that's just a gut feeling.

Some keys that don't work are beiopqruw.

I was just testing the keyboard and 7 started repeating without any press happening. Not sure if its from the numpad or top row of keys.

Any suggestions as to what I should do? Can I clean this keyboard in warm water or dishwasher or ??? to see if there is gunk in it?

I also appear to be having some issues with the trackpad on this laptop as well. It will stop moving the mouse at times, but the click buttons appear to still be working at that time.
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Testing should be easy. On my HP laptop, pressing F2 during bootup takes me to an HP diagnostic. One of the component tests is Keyboard. It will show you if any keys are stuck or not working. If you have to install the diagnostic, you can do so from the HP support site.
I can't imaging that washing the keyboard would be anything except a disaster. I suppose if the keyboard is proven to be bad that could be a last resort. If you are messing around inside your PC, please use proper ESD procedures. Otherwise I'll be seeing that familiar post "I cleaned inside my laptop and now it won't start......" I suspect you will find you need a new keyboard. Did anything get spilled or do you game and bang on the same few keys repeatedly?
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