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  1. M

    Solved! Water damage: Some keys (t,y,Tab,ctrl,f3, f4, f6) not working EVEN with USB/bluetooth keyboard, but touchscreen keyboard working. HP Pavilion x360

    14-cd0508sa HP Pavilion x360 convertible touchscreen Win10 Water spilled on keyboard and continued use for several hours. Next day noticed some keys not working. Took apart a few days later and removed battery and affected keys. No sign of residual water and left to dry for a few days. Same keys...
  2. M

    Question 4 things needed to know laptop

    I need help with a few things, 1 the hdmi cord connected to the xbox works but doesnt show a thing but no signal on my laptop the second is that my internet is connected and most of the time it wont load anything the third is that when i download files or transfer files from my phone to the...
  3. Neyriz.Stok

    Solved! In hp pavilion 15-cx0056wm gpu 1050ti not detected

    Product: Hp Pavilion 15-Cx0056wm Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-Bit) Hello my laptop is HP 15-cx0056wm and it's been a weird thing After I changed Windows and started drivers and then restarted the system GPU Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics have disappeared altogether Not in the management...
  4. K

    Solved! Hp lap top

    Hi I got hp pavilion g laptop and I can’t fine touchpad or mouse pls help how to get back on work Sudu
  5. A

    can either one of these 2 in 1 laptops run the sims 4?

    Hello. I'm considering buying either one of these two laptops, but I want to make sure they are able to run the Sims 4 before purchasing. HP Pavilion 14-inch x360 HD Touchscreen Convertible 2 in 1 Laptop HP ENVY x360 - 15.6" FHD Touch
  6. C

    Rest my pavilion HP laptop not working but turn on button blinks when I put the charger in

    My laptop isn't turning on only when I plug my charger in flashes the white light not orange
  7. Q

    Solved! HP Pavilion Black screen after laptop cleaning

    Hey guys, thanks to anyone who has ideas/solutions, it's appreciated. My Pavilion Laptop (Pavilion dv6-7138us Entertainment PC) was a one stop shop for me in college. It played games, edited videos, and streamed Netflix. A decent machine, and I soon got a fan platform to lay it on top of...
  8. R

    Power delivery from docking station to HP X360

    I'm thinking about ordering this HP Pavilion X360 laptop. The idea is to have a similar setup to what I have at work: the laptop having a single connection to a docking station via USB-C and everything else connected to the docking station itself. That would include a full size monitor...
  9. A

    M.2 Slot and SSD type for HP Pavilion CX (8th Gen) Laptops

    Hi all, I just purchased an HP Pavilion cx0140tx and since it's the base variant, it didn't came with an SSD. When I had inquired about installing an SSD, I was told by the HP retail staff that my variant does not have an M.2 Slot altogether, which got me worried. However, the HP Manual does...
  10. G

    Pavilion g7 charger light is orange, power is on but screen is black

    I have a pavilion g7 laptop. It turns on but has a black screen. The charger also goes from white to orange quickly. What advice can you give me. My computer is only used for putting pictures on and used for word documents. Never used internet.Had battery checked, it is good. Bought new power...
  11. D

    Disabling BitLocker on Windows Pavillion Notebook

    Have to disable BitLocker on my HP Pavillion Laptop but cannot find the option to disable it so I can update BIOS. Followed directions to disable it on the HP support site and where the option is supposed to be, it is not there. How do I disable BitLocker? It runs Windows 10. Model number is HP...
  12. N

    How can I keep my up pavilion g awake during upgrades? If it goes to sleep, the upgrade stops.

    Upgrade issues on HP pavilion g series
  13. R

    Solved! Ho pavilion g6 1a75dx no backlight

    Just replaced the display on my HP pavilion laptop model 1a75dx. I have no backlight. I replaced the hard drive also. So none of the driver are installed. Also had to reseat the ram stick as I was getting a neat boot loop. But not it goes to the windows installation screen. I just have to use a...
  14. B

    remove/replace keyboard on pavilion dv5-2135dx

    Need to replace keyboard on pavilion dv5-2135dx. Cannot find video to get keyboard out. I have computer disassembled, but keyboard will not pop loose.
  15. D

    I have a 2005 hp slot is that my wifi?

    Does the pavilion zt3300 have a wifi card slot?
  16. T

    Pavilion G6 Sudden Death After Unplugging

    I have pavilion g6 battery is dead no power led checked charger did reset whats the workaround? I have did hard reset I have also used battery from another laptop still its dead No charger ia working LED is not working either last time when it was alive the keyvoard was acting weird means it...
  17. M

    Can anyone help me finding this bios please? :/

    I have an HP pavilion dv6 6135dx laptop I seen online that there's a modified bios for it that unlocks a few options in the bios Wich is called Camolil's BIOS Or something like that But here's the twist I can't seem to find it anywhere Is there any alternative unlocked bios out there for my...
  18. M

    HP G7 Pavilion HDD to SSD Conversion

    Guys I need your help. I have read multiple threads on here regarding this swap but nothing is working. I have a Samsung 850 SSD that I have cloned my laptop HDD. I pulled the HDD and replaced with SSD. I am getting the No Bootable Disk available issue. This should not be this hard but really...
  19. P

    why does my Pavilion G scroll a whole page at once when i tap the down arrow key?

    I am using firefox and have been to Mozilla and downloaded the latest version (someone told me to try} and it is still scrolling a whole page at a time . Someone told me i may have the scroll lock key on but not sure which one or combination it is on this keyboard in order to change it. Not...
  20. S

    My pavilion core i5 has black screen and caps lock button flashing 3 times before pause

    Laptop got black screen caps lock button flashing 3 times before pause light at side close to arrow keys flashes on and off
  21. T

    Display on pavilion laptop

    HP laptop screen is minimised think its to do with touch pad...
  22. C

    looking for ram alternative

    ok folks, I am looking for a RAM replacement for my laptop. The laptop is pavilion g7-211 8nr. It has a stick of DDR3 4g it was made by micron.. The problem being is that micron don't make that particular stick anymore. I would like to find something that would work with my what I have? this...
  23. F

    Pavilion 526x won't start. Keyboard locked up.

    I have a HP Pavilion 526x that won't boot up. It has a constant beep and the keyboard and mouse don't work. I have tried clearing the CMOS but haven't been able to.
  24. R

    Broken Charger port HP Pavilion G6

    The port was fine all day but now it's almost 1:10 in the morning and it won't go all the way in. It's like something is in there blocking it I'd really like some help. I can't tell my Mum or Dad (Who will just yell and scream at me when I bought the laptop with my own money) I bought this...
  25. H

    Hp pavilion stuck on updatesHp pavilion stuck on updatesHp pavilion stuck on updatesHp pavilion stuck on updates

    My HP Pavilion DV 6 is stuck on update. It says it's not her percent complete. I turned the computer on and off hold it for five seconds. Nothing worked.
  26. J

    Pavilion laptop recall hp protectsmart

    Computer battery died. Not that old maybe 2+years old. Is there a recall?
  27. M

    Im trying to find the HP Pavilion G7 model # extension. But its not listed on system info

    How do I find an extension of the model #? But in system info, it only lists "Pavilion G7". I need to replace the CPU Fan and the store has several extensions the...Pavilion G7.
  28. R

    Dell Pavilion 570 Desktop, Amber Light.

    My pretty old Dell desktop has the dreaded amber light issue, where one random it refused to power up. I tried most everything, and noticed in the back the green light was on indicating it was recieving power (possibly, i dont really know what that means.) I tried multiple monitors, all the same...
  29. M

    Replacing nonfunctional CPU on a Pavilion dv6-2120sf

    A friend recently gave me his old HP notebook (Pavilion dv6-2120sf running the factory Windows 7 Home Premium x64) and told me it "was dead" and that if I wanted to take it I could since he was planning to dump it anyways. He said it's been dead for 2 years, but didn't know what was the...
  30. T

    possible laptop upgrade help

    ok so i currently have this laptop from walmart : http:// HP Silver 17.3" Pavilion 17-g121wm Laptop AMD quad-core A10-9700P processor 1.8GHz (with Max Turbo Speed of 3.2GHz), 2MB L2 Cache 8GB DDR3L SDRAM system memory AMD Radeon R6 graphics with 4352MB total graphics memory and here is the new...
  31. E

    my dv6 screen

    my pavilion dv6 not work on three monitors. when i close labtop's screen the others works separately. but when i want use all of them i get one monitor disconnected.
  32. X

    Laptop choice suggestion (960m vs 1050)

    Hi everyone, I have a quick question, I'm planning to buy a new laptop and here in italy hp have some good deals for their 15-bc pavilion line up, more specifically, I'm trying to decide between these two: and...
  33. S

    G6 Pavilion HP laptop getting hot

    Hello. My g6 HP Pavilion laptop gets really hot even when I am just using the internet. My father and I used thermal paste on the CPU, but it still overheats. (and we cleaned it.) specs AMD A6-3420M RADEON HD 6520G 4GB RAM Inside it looks like there has been a fire.
  34. J

    Pavilion dv4t won't turn on?

    I have an old Pavilion dv4t-5113 cto. I decided to try and boot it just for fun. When I plug in the ac adapter, the battery light turns on and then begins to flash. When I press the power button, nothing happens except the chipset generates intense heat (near-blistering heat at about 10...
  35. J

    Pavilion dv5 won't turn on

    I have an old Pavilion dv5. I decided to try and fire it up just for kicks. when I plug the ac adapter in, the battery LED turns on white and then switches to amber. when I press the power button, nothing happens except the hard drive light turns on both colors at the same time. No fan or...
  36. M

    Would 65W charger work with my laptop?

    my laptop is a HP Pavilion DV6 6135DX And it's missing a charger i've got another HP charger laying around but it's 65Watts and it needs an adapter from 5.5mm/2.5mm to 7.4mm/0.6mm and these are dirt cheap on ebay will it work or it's risky?
  37. S

    Prefarable hp series

    Which hp series is prefarable for students envy or pavilion.does envy laptops sup ports games and other softwares
  38. M

    Which is better?

    So I am looking for a cheap laptop on a budget for school and light gaming and I found these two and was wondering which one would you guys choose? Also suggestions are always welcome! Thx HP Pavilion 15-au020wm 15.6" Intel core 3165 Dual-Core processor Ram Memory: 8GB/ Hard drive: 1TB Or...
  39. R

    Hp Pavilion dv6-6c, AMD A6 Vision, Windows 7 only powers to black screen, no cursor.

    Help! My workhorse, daily use laptop just died. I use this for work and play, and I like it, so I'd love help. While I was using it, it began to get really slow, I mean really slow, and quickly. After a short time, I tried to power it off normally, without success. I then forced it off with...
  40. M

    Can this run GTA 5? Hp Pavilion G4

    I3 2.5GHZ AMD RADEON HD 7600M SERIES 8GB RAM windows 10 pro 64bit CAN IT RUN GTA 5?
  41. D

    Laptop display malfunction

    I have a he pavilion laptop and the display malfunctions,but only from time to time. Sometimes it'a fine and sometimes it malfunctions and many lines and blurry images. Sometimes it went entirely black and sometimes I could see the windows 8 express bar and select things but the screen had...
  42. I

    Pavilion G6 black screen

    I have a Pavilion G6 and when i try to turn on the power light glows white, wifi light on, no blinks from caps lock. Nothing but a black screen. The hard drive is good as its been tested in another machine. Ive tried to plug in an external monitor but no screen on there either. Any help??
  43. N

    HP Envy/Omen/Pavilion and Lenovo Ideapad 700/ Y700 - which brand and series is the best for gaming laptop?

    Hi I am an animation student and I often work with 3D software such as Maya and Zbrush. I still have a lot to learn about laptop so I really need help choosing the right one, especially when HP and Lenovo are having good promotion. I have been looking for gaming laptop with 15- 17 inches display...
  44. J

    error- AMD high definition audio device not plugged in. How to fix???

    no sound on Pavilion G7 laptop
  45. E

    Upgrading Pavilion G6 2270dx

    I opened up my laptop recently to clean it up and replace the heatsink fan which has seemed to finally fail on me, And while doing so I was wondering if I could improve it while it's open? So what I had in mind is does anyone know if I can upgrade the processor and what is the max I'll be able...
  46. G

    Looking for some help with a broken (I think) keyboard

    Hi all, A while ago, I spilt some coke on my laptop's keyboard, and ever since the keys on the numpad have been sticky, but the computer still worked perfectly good besides that. However, yesterday, while the machine was out, but not on, some water was knocked onto the machine, coincidentally...
  47. A

    HP Pavilion 15-ab150sa Thoughts?

    I'm planning on using my HP Pavilion 15-ab150sa as a cheap, mild secondary laptop. It has 8GB of RAM, 2TB HDD and an AMD A8-7410 APU. According to some sites, it is the equivalent of an i3, which (in my books, is not very good). How good do you think it would be for video rendering/gaming. Very...
  48. C

    HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-p289sa - Huion driver lowers performance

    Hello I have HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-p289sa Laptop. you can check it's specs by clicking on the name. I have a problem with Huion graphic tablets driver on both windows 8.1 and 10 as performance simply drops. For example: playing Blur without Huion driver installed .. game runs on 25 FPS...
  49. E

    Can I upgrade my Pavilion 9410us memory or mother board, it has 2gb memory now

    My HP Pavilion 9410us has a great 17 in display. Everything is great but it is slow. Can the motherboard be upgraded or can I get memory to increase to 4 or 8 gb.
  50. ArnsteinB

    Which replacement for ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5000 ?

    A good friend of mine "got Windows 10 without accepting it" (:-)) on his diagnostic laptop (he is a car mechanic). It is a HP Pavilion DV6 Core i3 with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5000 graphic card. There are no Win 10 drivers for this card. Any suggestions for which card he can/should buy? P.s...
  51. B

    how do I find my production date dm4-2165dx

    Looking to see when my laptop was made, its a Pavilion dm4 dm4-2165dx , product # QES75UA#ABA Thanks
  52. N

    4 yr old Pavillion 7 laptop

    What is my 4 yr old pavilion 7 laptop worth with loaded with Microsoft office & windows 7?
  53. G

    Can't decide between HP Pavilion 15-ab104na & Pavilion 15-ab500na.

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a new laptop and cant decide between the HP Pavilion 15-ab104na & Pavilion 15-ab500na. I'm looking to spend around £500 so if anyone can recommend a better laptop it would be much appreciated. For general use really, music, pictures browsing etc. Don't play games, except...
  54. M

    [Pavilion dv5] Black screen, just one blink

    Hi, this is my configuration: Product Name: Pavilion dv5-1005el Operating System: Windows 10 (64 bit) Had this problem: while I was normally working, suddenly the screen went grey, (not black, I could view a backgound light on the screen) and the laptop didn't respond to any input, so I forced...
  55. C

    HP Pavilion Touchscreen laptop Windows Refreshing Constantly / Flickering

    I've been at this problem for 2 weeks straight now. This began recently as I noticed the desktop icons flickering (just the icons). The keyboard was slow and sometimes unresponsive. I would open a browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox) and they all began constantly refreshing. In fact, any window...
  56. R

    Laptop overheating after cleaning also

    hello everyone,my pavilion dv6 7040 tx LAPTOP keeps on overheating.When i m just browsing or the laptop is idle the temraptur of the CPU and The GPU is between 70-80 *c and when playing games like even counter strike it hits 100*C and turns off. I have cleaned it 4 days back and removed the old...
  57. G

    Change motherboard HP dv6-6170us

    Hello, After having problems with my Graphics card i'm thinking about changing my motherboard. While searching i found out that it has this model "641488-001" with the description from HP Maintenance guide: "For use only with computer models equipped with a quad core processor, the Intel HD6770...
  58. apkfind

    I'd like a laptop hybrid for doing work documents at home

    I already have an Macbook at office,and I don't want to take it home-work-home any more.... So I'm looking for a replacement,help check document and prepare PPT bala bala I 'm not going spend too much on this,so I ignore the Apple. All I requre is 360 office work.And convenient for me to use it...
  59. Z

    HP Pavilion 15 vs Lenovo Z50-75

    Hi people ! I have to buy new laptop. I will use it mostly for browsering and watching movies, some times i will need to draw something in Autocad Civil 3d or play a game or two. I dont want to spent too much money for personal laptop so i came to these two: HP Pavilion 15 Processor: Intel Core...
  60. S

    pavilion dv6 cpu number: how to find it?

    after may years of honorable service my pavilion dv6 does not boot anymore. i tried already the hard reset but without success. the capslock blinks regulary once so according the table from hp i found should be a failed cpu. i want to replace it but i am not able to find the correct cpu number...