Power delivery from docking station to HP X360


Apr 19, 2017
I'm thinking about ordering this HP Pavilion X360 laptop. The idea is to have a similar setup to what I have at work: the laptop having a single connection to a docking station via USB-C and everything else connected to the docking station itself. That would include a full size monitor, speakers, keyboard, and any peripherals. The laptop will spend most of its time in one room but should be removable as easily as possible for connecting to a home theatre system on the other side of the house or just for using away from the desk. I have a few questions:

  • ■ Does the USB-C port on this model accept power delivery? The two USB-A ports say data transfer only but not the USB-C, which is USB 3.1 gen 1 and looks like it should have two way power.
    ■ What is the power input requirement for this laptop?
    ■ Two of the docking stations I'm looking at are the Iogear GUD3C03 (up to 60W power delivery) and the Orico SDB1 (no wattage given). Will either of these work for my intended use or will there be compatibility issues? I'm open to other suggestions as well.
    ■ For speakers plugged into a docking station's 3.5 mm jack, how is the sound quality? I've heard that the sound quality tends to be better when the speakers are connected to the laptop itself. My PC speakers are a modest 2.1 setup (two 12W speakers, 30W sub).
You should contact HP support for your questions. Some brands/models will only work properly with their own brand dock. Is it not likely you will be able to tell any differences in audio quality.