Question 4 things needed to know laptop

Mar 27, 2020
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I need help with a few things, 1 the hdmi cord connected to the xbox works but doesnt show a thing but no signal on my laptop
the second is that my internet is connected and most of the time it wont load anything
the third is that when i download files or transfer files from my phone to the laptop it doesnt save when i restart my laptop or shut down my laptop when it turns back on the files dissapear
the fourth is that some apps dont open and to open files it says i need an app for exmple camera used to open but doesnt anymore sometimes it even gets to the point that the windows start function doesnt open
the last is that when i try to do a computer system restore it loads to about 29-31 % then stops. and says it cant
Mar 27, 2020
hi ive got a few problems with my laptop like when I use the hdmi cable for the tv it doesn't work but it works for the xbox
second when i try to open some apps like camera or bluetooth it doesnt open, it doesnt even do anything no pop up screen or anything, and to open some downloaded files it says I need the app not sure what it means.
third when i try a system restore it sopts at 29% it says and cant do it and stops
the fourth when i download files or transfer files from my phone to my laptop it deletes after i restart or shutdown my pc on load up it doesnt have the downloded files
the last is when i use the internet it doesnt load the screens i try to use. only sometimes and its not the only internet wifi that does it.
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