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  1. Pupetta-Pa-

    How do I know if a site template is coded or ready?

    Hi I have a problem. I did not know where to ask. Please help me. Please take a look at the site ( [link removed]) and tell me if the template of this site is coded or ready-made templates are used?
  2. C

    Help finding laptop for web designer with budget $1000

    Hi guys, I know this probably typical question in here, but really i need input from everyone, after saving some money buying wrong laptop is the least thing i want Summary : I need laptop i can bring to go when i am not around my pc for a simple designing when needed, i am web designer so...
  3. nebulasurfer

    Site Not on Google - Desperate Search Engine Optimisation Help?

    I never thought trying to build a decent website was so damn difficult. I've been using GoDaddy's Search Engine Visibility suite to try and maximise exposure for my website, yet even now if you try to Google 'Friends on Kik', being the name of the website, not even that very explicit search will...
  4. B

    Software for Web Server

    Wasn't sure where this question fit in, but anyway... I am trying to set up an IT Maintenance Request page for end users in several store locations to fill out so I can better organize my support requests. I have coded the page, but actually implementing it is a problem. I have a computer with...