Software for Web Server


Jan 20, 2015
Wasn't sure where this question fit in, but anyway...
I am trying to set up an IT Maintenance Request page for end users in several store locations to fill out so I can better organize my support requests. I have coded the page, but actually implementing it is a problem. I have a computer with Windows 7 Pro, and if possible I would like to host the page from here.
I was originally planning to just put the page in a shared folder, and create a shortcut on all computers pointing to the page (all stores are on the same network). But I also need to use PHP to email the form information to myself, and I'm not sure if there's some special software I need to make that work.
A free solution would be awesome, of course, as we don't really have a lot in the budget for my 'extra' IT projects.
Any advice would be appreciated.