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    [Windows 10] Unable to Connect to Network Secured by WEP

    Hi there! I am attempting to connect my laptop and desktop computers (with two different, but relatively up to date versions of windows 10) to the following WiFi network, but am encountering problems described below the image. Both computers behave in the same manner. I select the WiFi icon...
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    how do i find my android wep

    I'm trying to connect my laptop to the hotspot of my Samsung Galaxy S3. My laptop is asking for the network security key. Where do I find that? Thanks.
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    WEP is only choice

    I live in a convalescent home, and the password is encrypted using WEP? I have the network password, but laptop won't accept it.
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    WEP and Samsung Smart Tvs.

    I am thinking about buying a Samsung Smart TV with built in wi-fi. The wi-fi in my home is from my cable provider as is my internet and the wireless security is WEP. Will WEP work with Samsung's Smart TV's. I tried Hisenses Smart TV's and they do not support WEP hoping Samsung does.
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    WEP to WPA on smart phone

    I am trying to hook up my Droid Max to my wireless network router Netgear WMR1000. My wireless is WPA security but my phone when recognizing the available wifi is secured with WEP. Signal strength is excellent. My password will not unlock the wifi. Can I change the security on the smart phone...
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    Locating Wep Key ID

    Where can the wep key be found on my motorola wireless router?
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    Wep code

    Hello, what is wep code of acer aspire5920
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    How do I find the WEP/WPA/Security Key/Password for my wireless router

    Trying to set up my NOOK book. Its asking for a passwords. Bev
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    WEP key ????

    Hello, I would like temporary access to the net to download ringtoes. Is this possible without purchasing the internet? I used to be able to buy downloads or screensavers on my old phone from another company.
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    Solved! Mss

    i have a hp mini netbook...how would i find my WEP passphrase number?
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    Security choice

    What to use on HTC Inspire when connecting to WI-FI (WEP 128)?????? Thanks help!!!
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    Is my WEP Key on my router the password

    I just bought an iphone 3GS today. I'm trying to hook up to my wireless connection. I'm with Verizon and have a Actiontec router. The iphone asks for a password. I have tried putting the WEP Key but no luck. I am the administrator of my computer. Is there a way I can find out the password...
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    How do you find out the WEP key

    Hello, i have recently got a blackberry and i am trying to connect my wifi to it but it's asking for my WEP key, what is this and where can i find it?
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    Wep key mozilla

    Hello, i am unable to get my WEP hex key to use internet in my mobile phone.. plz suggest some measures to get the wep key.
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    Help appriciated.

    How do I chang my wep key? I'm trying to play pokemon and I saw somewhere that I have to change the default in order to use wifi on my DS. :??:
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    Need my WEP for use with my Blackberry

    Hello, I can get into my computer where my WEP is but all I see are black dots and no place to click to make it SHOW, can you help?
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    How fo I find the WEP key off my router to use with my B;aclberry

    Hello, I need my WEP Key and do not find it on my router. I have Windows XP
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    Wep key

    Hello, my daughter has just got a new laptop, we have a netgear wireless router and we do have a wep key but we must of copied it down wrong and the laptop wont accept it, can anyone tell me how can we find out the correct key?
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    I have no WEP password

    Hello, So, my mom did'nt write down her WEP when she got internet. Now I need it to connect a PS3 to the wireless internet. How do I find the WEP? Please I need help!
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    how or where do i get my wep key number
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    How To Crack WEP - Part 3: Securing your WLAN

    i am using windows xp, and Linksys WUSB54... i want to know how to hack wep at my area house...?? please...
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    How To Crack WEP - Part 1: Setup & Network Recon

    Craking WEP is awsome although not as awsome as de punani at a late friday night. Cheers, de Punani Acting Master in Command, John Roller