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  1. C

    Prevent Whatsapp to be hacked through MAC address?

    I think my parents are spying on my whatsapp messages through Mac address method. How can I stop myself being spyed? Is there any way I can prevent being tracked by others?
  2. J

    Using Whatsapp (BlueStacks) on two computers?

    Hi! Since I don't have a smartphone, I used to use Whatsapp on my iMac via BlueStacks. Now I'm living abroad and didn't take my iMac with me, only my Windows 7 Laptop and I need WhatsApp to read messages, but it doesn't work: I installed BlueStacks and WhatsApp successfully and connected it...
  3. viveknayyar007

    Instantly Crop Images in WhatsApp

    WhatsApp is a popular messenger for smartphones that lets you send texts and images. In the case of images, you can crop them before you send them to your friends. By cropping the images, you can both reduce the size of the file you are sending, as well as edit out anything in the picture that...
  4. viveknayyar007

    How to Turn Off Group Notification in WhatsApp in iPhone

    Although a WhatsApp group can be a nice place to virtually hang out with your friends, relatives, and/or colleagues, sometimes the notifications can get overwhelming. In such cases, most people quit the groups, ending up with a couple of unhappy friends. Fortunately, WhatsApp allows you to...
  5. viveknayyar007

    How to Back Up WhatsApp Chat History to iCloud In iOS 11

    Internet being one of the major communication mediums in this technology-driven era, many official conversations are done on WhatsApp. Such official chats may include scanned images of important documents, video or audio messages, etc. Considering the importance of the message threads your...
  6. viveknayyar007

    Hide Last Seen Status In WhatsApp In iPhone

    For various privacy reasons, at times you may not want anyone to know when you last checked WhatsApp on your iPhone. Because WhatsApp is set to show your last seen status to everyone by default, its privacy settings must be changed manually. Here’s how: ■Launch WhatsApp Locate and tap the...
  7. G

    WhatsApp Adds Voice Replies to Android Wear App

    You can now speak into your smartwatch to compose a reply on popular messaging app WhatsApp. WhatsApp Adds Voice Replies to Android Wear App : Read more