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    Is it worth paying almost double price to get gtx 1060 instead 1050?

    I have a choice between this pc: https://www.fcomputer.dk/computer/b%C3%A6rbar/msi/gp62mvr-6rf-232ne-leopard-pro-8gb-core-i7-gtx1060-3gb-128gb-ssd-1tb-hdd-15.6%E2%80%B3-full-hd-gamer-b%C3%A6rbar.html and this...
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    Which one is better?

    Tell me which one is better Lenovo IdeaPad G50-30 Black or Acer Extensa 2511 Black Design 2015
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    Logitech G35 or Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma?

    Hello community! I'm in a bad situation. So i have to get a new Headset as my current Logitech G35 is about 3-4 years old so it's slowly failing. Anyway, i really wanna choose between the Razer Kraken 7.1 or the just get a new Logitch G35 again as i really liked the sound in it. I want a...
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    Best Free Antivirus.

    So I got fresh windows and thinking what antivirus I should get. Please don't say to get Essentials as when I used it my pc was full of virus, browser full of pop-ads pc was so slow and nothing detected and once install AVG there was a lot of viruses however it seems that AVG is not god and...
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    Confused b/w Lenovo Y510p (755m SLI) or MSI GT 60 Dominator-424(gtx 870m)

    So for pure gaming performance which one will be better? If msi then i will upgrade it to 16gb ram and a 128gb mSATA SSD..
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    iPhone 5S or Galaxy S4?

    I'm looking for either an iPhone 5S or Galaxy S4. Can someone recommend me which one is the better phone? Also, is it safe to buy one of these phones off of Amazon?
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    The G930 vs. 7H

    Hey everyone! So I was looking to see what was better. The Steelseries 7h or Logitech G930? Or is there anything else in that price range that is actually better? ($80-$140) Thank you for your help. Please tell me which is better and why you think so. Thanks Snipesome