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  1. Henzon Llarves

    Looking for white gaming monitor for minimal looking build

    Hi guys. Can you suggest a good gaming monitor? preferably white, since I want to make my build minimalistic. I mostly play RPG games. https://www.amazon.com/white-monitor/s?k=white+monitor Here's my low-mid gaming rig: Ryzen 5 2600 GTX 1650 Super 16 DDR4 RAM 3200Mhz Also, what could be the...
  2. V

    Headphones with red/white and USB plugs

    So I got my self a new headphones with red, white and USB plugs. Do they work with my PC? How do I make them work?
  3. F

    Laptop Screen turning white or negative

    Hello, my laptop screen is turning white or negative. When i move the screen, it is instantly getting normal, any idea how i can fix it without replacing the whole screen? This isn.t happening always it has some moments when everything works.
  4. L

    Laptop screen fading to white randomly

    Hi! My laptop screen has been randomly fading to white lately. It doesn't seem to happen at any particular instance but just randomly fades to white. Once I move the screen back and forth the picture will kick back on and it will work fine. What could be the issue?
  5. G

    Why is Google Chrome not launching ?

    For some reason every time i try to open Google Chrome it goes as if it is going to start up giving me the white screen but then forcibly shuts down. I have tried to re-install but alas to no avail. I have also tried to run as admin but still nothing. When I am on the task manager my cpu when...
  6. D

    macbook white backlight only on lowest setting

    Hello wise forum people. Perhaps you could name the problem with my macbook. I did find few similar problems on internet, but they were old, and without solutions. I took video, so show whats exactly wrong, (its better 1 time to see, then 100 to hear :) )...