macbook white backlight only on lowest setting


Oct 21, 2010
Hello wise forum people.
Perhaps you could name the problem with my macbook. I did find few similar problems on internet, but they were old, and without solutions.
I took video, so show whats exactly wrong, (its better 1 time to see, then 100 to hear :) ).

Problem: basicly my macbooks backlight works only on lowest brightness setting. Even without backlight in bright daylight i can see desktop and all the icons.

Here i found some possible problems:
CCFL backlight
display-> logic board cable

Thank you for taking your time to look.


First thing to try and replace would be the inverter, it's the cheapest part. Inverters will not show signs of failure, they just stop working.

Because your screen is still getting a video signal, I wouldn't assume it's the video cable.

If the inverter is OK, and the CCFL backlight is bad, the screen will need to be replaced.