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    No power Canon t4i (650d)

    Yes, no power at all. I was one day on a shoot indoors and all was going great. There was no substantial humidity to worry about, and we were no shooting anywhere near any liquids, including coffee. The next day I went to plug in the battery into the camera and waited a bit, but there was no...
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    Acer Aspire 5560 will power on but no POST - black screen

    My Acer Aspire 5560 laptop (AMD/WIN7 64-bit) shows an indicator light on the power button when it's pressed. You hear the DVD drive engage for a moment and the hard disk drive indicator light will flash for an instant. Nothing else happens. No sound or visual of any other equipment operation or...
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    PC HDMI To Tv No Audio Playback?

    Hey, I put together a pc, slapped a GPU into it and connected it to my JVC projection TV. It has hook-ups for lots of stuff. I have heard it play sound from other computers, and right now as it does not make sound through the speakers the green meter bounces up and down as if it were playing...
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    Why YouTube isnt working for me ?

    Hey guys i want to ask you what the heck is going on?! I recently started my YT channel and i already uploaded 3 vids but last week i wasnt able to upload i really dont know why ! Some of you may know when you click upload the standard sh*ts come out like title description etcetc. but for me it...
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    I have a XPS M1730 with no hard drive. Is there some way to boot it up or not?

    I have a XPS M1730 with no hard drive. Is there some way to boot it up or not?
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    Best Featured Laprop under 50k - No Gaming

    I want to buy a featured laptop under 50 k. I only want to play low level games like fifa 14. Please suggest me ..
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    Toshiba L300 Wont Boot up & Fan Stops

    i have a Toshiba L300 and when i press the power button the laptop starts to power up with the fan moving and a slight flash shows up on the screen like as if its trying to show something and then the fan stops and shuts down. the LED light shows that it has power going through when i have the...
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    Compaq CQ61 No Power after Dropping, Please Help

    hi, i have a Compaq CQ61 and i dropped it from the side of my bed and now it wont turn on at all. when i plug the AC adapter in the light by the side of the DC jack turns on but the LED lights with the power, HDD activity does not turn on at all, theres seems to be no response except from the...
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    macbook white backlight only on lowest setting

    Hello wise forum people. Perhaps you could name the problem with my macbook. I did find few similar problems on internet, but they were old, and without solutions. I took video, so show whats exactly wrong, (its better 1 time to see, then 100 to hear :) )...