Acer Aspire 5560 will power on but no POST - black screen


Dec 23, 2013
My Acer Aspire 5560 laptop (AMD/WIN7 64-bit) shows an indicator light on the power button when it's pressed. You hear the DVD drive engage for a moment and the hard disk drive indicator light will flash for an instant. Nothing else happens. No sound or visual of any other equipment operation or hard drive activity. Nothing ever on the screen.

I've removed the battery, removed the memory sticks separately and replaced the CMOS battery. I've tried to boot with a Linux disk and used a different hard drive with Windows installed. None of this has worked to get the laptop to boot up. At this point, can anyone suggest any troubleshooting other than treating this as a major hardware failure, e.g., motherboard?


Dec 23, 2013
There is no output seen on the screen when pointing a flashlight at it. I've also tried hooking up an external monitor and there is nothing showing there.


Jan 18, 2009
Most likely the GPU has cold solder joints, a reflow of the board might get it working temporarily, but ultimately a new board would be in order.
I've seen this a lot with AMD laptops, next time get an Intel system.
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