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  1. Ali Soheili

    Question Can broken edp cable damaged laptop screen backlight by short circuit?

    Hi guys. I have a question. My laptop screen in games freeze and when i connected to wifi flickering and sometimes laptop screen did not turn on. I connected it to external monitor and was fine. I take it to the local repair and when open it found that edp cable conncter has problem. He try to...
  2. Jcano2605

    Question Asus Vivobook X512 Backlight Keyboard not light up

    Hi, i recently i swap the keyboard of my asus vivobook x512, originally was not come with the blacklight keyboard, i get it and i swapped The problem is the backlight doesnt work, i update AKT, several times, i check the connector, there are fine There's any way on the Bios or on the Hot Keys...
  3. readingcraze

    Question LG UF6450 backlight issue

    I Have this TV where there is no video but audio , all funcsions works fine. I need to know What kind of backlight I will need? How would I know how many are not working ? Is LG UF6450 use any generic type of back light or I can use generic type ( if generic type of backlights are available)...
  4. Axellion

    Question Issues with 2 Toshiba TVs

    One TV (Model: 50l4353d) has a black screen when I turn it on. However, when I flash a light onto it - a image appears. So I think the backlight isn't working but how would I fix this? The other TV (Model: 32w3453db) works fine for a few seconds after turning it on. However, a few seconds after...
  5. I

    Solved! Samsung UN39FH5000FXZA black screen with ok audio

    I tried rebooting the tv but it didn't help. I did the flashlight test and can see very faint images, so I'm assuming the backlight is down. What component(s) most likely should be replaced?
  6. T

    Question TV reboots continuously with only Tv Logo

    My Samsung TV just reboots continuously with Samsung Logo. I tested my remote and it's fine. TV switched on and off with remote so i don't suspect it's a power board issue. I check with another working main board and it still has same issue. What could be the other reasons?? TV Model :-...
  7. C

    Question Samsung 65" TV no backlight do led strips have fusible links

    Hello: I have a Samsung 65" UN65 EH6000F Screen tested fine but I have no backlight. I tested the led strips. There are 6 strips with 2 segments each. When putting power to the first segment thru the connector no leds lit. when I put power to the +/- solder points nothing lit. Then there are 4...
  8. T

    Question LG TV Backlight Spots Fixable?

    My Sony Bravia has crapped out on me, so I am selling it for parts. However, I came across this TV on Facebook marketplace for $100, with this backlight issue. Is it worth the repair? I’ve seen people fix this before online but none of them have been this bad. Let me know your thoughts. I don’t...
  9. Ilikestuffandthings

    Question Part number of LED bead used in Sony KDL-75W850?

    I’m looking for the type of LED used in the KDL-75W850. I get the 6 blinking red light code and I did find ONE dead LED (out of 200). I don’t really want to buy a used strip on eBay, so I would like to know if anyone knows the size/model number of LED bead that is commonly used in this TV (eg...
  10. K

    Screen worked after replacing then went dim

    I have a new ASUS GL laptop that I spilled a few drops of liquid on the side of the screen. It caused damage to the left side (vertical lines up and down) - not enough to make the computer unusable, but enough to be annoying. I replaced the screen without a problem and it worked great for a few...
  11. T

    ASUS laptop works with external monitor but not with its own.

    Hello! A while ago my laptop monitor stopped working, but it is working just fine if you connect an external monitor. There is a backlight but no image, I have tried to upgrade BIOS and all the drivers but nothing seems to work... So I suppose it is a hardware problem, but what do you think...
  12. J

    How long does a TV last with a backlight problem?

    I was just curious how long a television will last with a back light problem. It started just a day ago. I have a vizio tv.
  13. T

    if the backlight on my macbook air is not working due to water damage

    do i have to replace the LCD or the Backlight? or is it not repairable. Could the backlight be part of the motherboard what is the best approach when fixing the backlight by itself? please help. again this is Water Damaged. Is it worth spending 200+?? or more to fix. thank you.
  14. B

    Asus Zenbook UX303UB keyboard backlight picture needed

    I have just bought my zenbook Asus Zenbook UX303UB and I see no keyboard backlight. It is not lightning at all (neither during the booting nor later), except for on/off button and capslock indicators. All hotkeys are functioning, including fn + F3 and fn + F4 (for adjusting the brightness of...
  15. V

    Asus N550JX--Keyboard Backlight not working

    For some reason, the keyboard buttons that are supposed to adjust the backlight on the keyboard (keys f3 and f4) are no longer adjusting it. The keys themselves still work fine, but when I hold fn and try to adjust the backlight, it doesn't get any brighter. I'm not sure how to fix it. This is...
  16. H

    asus g551jw keyboard light not working

    i have just downgraded from windows 10 to windows 8.1 and now the keyboard lights are not working and its near impossible to see the keys. anyone know what drivers i need because i have the trackpad drivers and that doesnt change anything and theres no keyboard drivers on the asus website
  17. C

    Backlight screen not working.. tried another screen also not working

    Sony vaio laptop sceen is working ok but without backlight I tried another screen on my latop its backlight also didn't work. I tried my laptop screen on another laptop the backlight works ok, so the screen inverter and backlight are ok but they are not working on my laptop ??
  18. V

    Samsung LED TV Backlight Problem

    I have a Samsung 46" 3D LED HDTV ( UA46ES6200M ) and is of warranty. The problem is exactly top half of the Screen is dark. Bottom half is perfect. I can see the picture on the Top Half, but it is very badly lit and is uniformly dark (i.e. it is not in patches). This problem appeared few...
  19. R

    Display backlight problem Acer TravelMate 2490

    After powering the laptop on, the backlight is on for 3-10 seconds. If i press the lid switch and release, it will turn the backlight on again for 3-10 seconds. The time it remains on is based on how long i hold the switch pressed but it still varies. Picture with the switch ...
  20. E

    Laptop backlight not working at all

    I had my laptop brightness turned down this morning (the laptop was still usable at this point) and when I went to turn it back up, it didn't go any brighter. So I turned the laptop off and back on... and it blue-screened. I turned it off/on again and ever since then, all I can see is a VERY...
  21. P

    toshiba p300 backlight problem

    i have a toshiba p300 and has been working well but recently i boot up and everything is fine but about 30-40 minutes later the backlight goes off and you can faintly see the desktop. im sure it can be one of two things : the inverter board or the CCFL bulb. is there anyway of fully diagnosing...
  22. benprestwood

    Acer M5 Backlight Wont Work (HELP i need this for school tomorrow)

    i have an acer aspire M5-481T and i was using it and it worked fin then i closed it and later came back and turned it on and the back light doesn't work i know its not the LCD because i can still just see the screen in the light when it on an angle i really need to fix this quickly because its...
  23. D

    macbook white backlight only on lowest setting

    Hello wise forum people. Perhaps you could name the problem with my macbook. I did find few similar problems on internet, but they were old, and without solutions. I took video, so show whats exactly wrong, (its better 1 time to see, then 100 to hear :) )...