Question Dual monitor setup + TV problems


Dec 12, 2017
I have a 2 monitor setup (1680x1050&1920x1080) and a new 4K tv, I disconnect the tv every time I stop using it through display settings, because it's causing random problems and 1 consistent problem when I turn it on, it "restarts" both my monitors by making them go black and turning them back on.

So let me start with saying how I'm actually going about setting my tv at the moment. When I want to duplicate my main 1920x1080 monitor and watch movies/tv shows or play games I first have to "extend to this desktop" then change the resolution to 1920x1080 and then go to advanced display settings to put it on 120Hz. After that I duplicate 1 and 2 (main monitor and tv) and change it again to 120Hz. At that point it mostly works perfecly without any delays, even gaming can be perfect. Now that's a really long process and it's driving me crazy, since sometimes I have to do it multiple times, because nothing happens when I change the Hz and I will have delay, but for movies I don't mind it that much... Oh, and when I have to disconnect it, I have to first extend desktop to both TV and my main monitor so I can actually see the TV to be able to disconnect it.

So overall I got problems with setting Hz, turning on the tv is making both of my monitors restart and sometimes the resolution looks like it doesn't fit until I manage to change the Hz... So I'm looking for solutions or shortcuts or literally any tool that can make my life easier, since I love using my tv to game as well as watch movies without having to download everything and put it on an USB, etc etc... Is there a way to set up my tv to always have the settings I want when i decide to duplicate the image? That way I'd skip 90% of the problems, the only problem that would remain would be the TV restarting my monitors, but it wouldn't be happening if I kept disconnecting it.

Well, anyway, thanks everyone for helping in advance.


Jul 7, 2015
Possibly you might try disconnecting [physically or in Control Panel] your second computer monitor when you want to plug in the TV; that way, all you would have to do is select "Extend desktop..." in one case and "Duplicate desktop..." in the other.
There is a decent chance that your TV has a custom settings profile (along with several factory ones), that you can configure how you like (although it sounds as though you would already know about anything like that).
(DP and HDMI can behave slightly differently, but that is probably not relevant.)
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