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  1. jaffar02

    Question Pc boots only when ram is reseated

    Specs: Intel ci5 4590 GA-H81M-DSV2 DDR3 RAM (2x4gb) No external gpu So I am facing this problem since two days. I was just using my pc normally and just inserted my wifi adapter and suddenly a BSOD came and my pc began to do automatic repairs. I t tried a few time and after that I...
  2. AviBag

    Solved! The os for lenovo g550

    Hi! I have Lenovo G550 2958. The S/N is CBG1344796. What OS did arrive with that computer? Now it have linux, and I want to install the original windows. Thank's!
  3. G

    movie maker makes video blurry

    I wanted to do a speedpaint, and I used screencast-o-matic to record myself while I drew. I watched the recordings and they were clear, but when I uploaded them to windows live movie maker, the quality bad and everything appears blurry. It was an mp4 and i was about 15 minutes long