Question Pc boots only when ram is reseated

Jul 19, 2022

Intel ci5 4590


DDR3 RAM (2x4gb)

No external gpu

So I am facing this problem since two days. I was just using my pc normally and just inserted my wifi adapter and suddenly a BSOD came and my pc began to do automatic repairs. I t tried a few time and after that I manually did the repair tool and since then whenever I turn on my pc it won't boot and only the fans and lights would run but keyboard, mouse and display won't work.

I figured out one thing which is that whenever I removed or reseat the rams, it would bootup and rams are all fine also the slots working fine too. So after it bootsup if I do restart it would boot fine but if I do shutdown, it won't boot again unless I reseat the rams again.

Things I already checked:
  1. Reinserted CMOS battery
  2. Cpu pins all great

Please if anyone can help me, I am really stuck at this problem.
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