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  1. S

    Encrypted RAR archive

    Hi guys! I have RAR file. I created there a word doc. The problem is, I locked the archive with a password. After working in Word doc for some time, I closed it. To all notifications about saving, I clicked "yes". However, because the RAR was locked it wasn't updated a word file. So I have 17Kb...
  2. M

    All Archives Have Unexpected End Of Archive

    whenever i open a winrar archive (.rar/.zip) it says unexpected end of archive
  3. SyncroScales

    WinRAR, WinZip, etc. Which program?

    Hi. I don't know which forum to place this in. I am considering buying WinRAR. I was wondering if there is another program or a freeware/open-sourced software program that does the same thing. Pay or free. I am mostly using these programs for opening and uncompressing files. There are times...
  4. G

    Winrar vs 7zip?

    Which one is better?
  5. CmdrJeffSinclair

    WinRAR and 7zip

    does having a powerful CPU and tons of RAM allow zipping to be significantly improved? Thanks!