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  1. B

    How secure is the winzip/winrar passwords?

    How secure is the password set for extraction of the winzip / winrar files? Is it a good way to protect the privacy of files by zipping them with winzip / winrar ? How secure it is? Of course I will not assign stupid passwords like abcde or 12345 , but passwords like fsgj#AAs212fssjh
  2. B

    Opening .arc files

    Ive been trying to open .arc files in a pc game to get inside them. But nothing will open them. Ive tried winzip,winrar,7zip,arctool and freearc and nothing works. How do I open these files?
  3. T

    Problems with files using the .7z extension?

    Before a certain date, I was able to open files with the .7z file easily, without the 7zip or WinZip programs. After some time, for some reason the .7z extension was automatically opened from the Notepad program, and I was unable to remember how I had opened it before. I was wondering if there...
  4. Moondoggy

    WinZip vs. 7-Zip on Windows 10 64-bit

    I have been a long time WinZip user but over the years I've noticed that although the main function of the program (i.e. to zip and unzip files) remains the same, WinZip keeps adding functionality to their program which some would call bloat. Today, I received yet another notice from WinZip...
  5. K

    Batch recompress zip archives?

    I am looking for a software that can batch recompress alot of zip archives. Just to clarify what I mean with this: I have alot (30.000+) smaller zip archives. Many of them are zipped with different programs, using different parameters, compression levels, etc. I want the software to UNZIP all of...
  6. SyncroScales

    WinRAR, WinZip, etc. Which program?

    Hi. I don't know which forum to place this in. I am considering buying WinRAR. I was wondering if there is another program or a freeware/open-sourced software program that does the same thing. Pay or free. I am mostly using these programs for opening and uncompressing files. There are times...
  7. A

    screen goes black after entering password

    I m using windows 8 yoga 2 series laptop from lenovo. Recently I downloaded winzip from the winzip site. A free version. After downloading I saw that it has installed 360 protection sort of anti virus into my laptop too. Soon my laptop started to hang so I restarted it. And after booting when I...
  8. hjj174

    Windows still tries to open program at startup after uninstallation.

    Windows keeps trying to open Rocket Tab every time I turn on my pc. It's an adware that I deleted but apparently not all of it. Any tips for getting rid of this annoying remnant of adware.
  9. G

    Which unpacking Software is better?

    Which unpacking software is better and supports most formats? Is it WinRAR, WinZip, 7zip or something else?
  10. fritolay77

    Winzip substitute after free trial?

    well... my winzip free trial just ran out. I dont use it enough to pay the $30.00 though, any ideas?
  11. J

    how to make zip on mac from winrar files? zipeg winrar winzip

    I have macbook and use zipeg to open rar and zip files. Problem is with rar files, if I want to make a folder (i do right click>new folder)... it only allows me to transfer 1 file (drag and drop) at a time from raw to new folder. If I try highlighting all and drag and drop it freezes. Even if...
  12. K

    WinZip Registry Optimizer? Questions

    I downloaded bitTorrent and WinZip Registry Optimizer 2.0 came with it. I've used winzip before so i trust the name but i was just wondering is it a good idea to clean/optimize my registry files or whatever its called? I clicked "Scan registry" and it says there is 226 registry error and my...
  13. G

    7z extension

    I have this problem is a 7-zip extension and i couldnt open it with nothing, winrar, winzip, 7zip, winace. The name of the file is something like this ”DIABLO.III.PRELOAD.7z.010” one of the files, any suggestions plz. It says is not an archive...
  14. zepfan_75

    WInZip problem!

    Ok, I was downloading a file from Texas Instruments, and after downloading I accidentally archived the file in WinZip, and I can't open the file now. I tried to fix this by downloading the file from the internet again and it downloaded the file but it read it as a winzip file even as I...
  15. J

    Solved! Sony VAIO VGN-BX640P54 gets really hot just running winzip

    does sony VGN-BX640P has built in microphone
  16. exfileme

    WinZip Now Offering System Utilities Suite

    WinZip is now offering a suite of tools for cleaning, protecting and optimizing your PC's overall performance. WinZip Now Offering System Utilities Suite : Read more
  17. V

    WinZip 14.0 command line abilities

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, I really appreciate it! I work for a small bank, and I have been told to write a batch file that will grab a selected folder/files, zip them up, encrypt them @256bit AES, password protect the file, and place the final product in a particular location...
  18. F

    Can an archived executable file get infected inside the archive??

    I had an executable file archived(winrar). My Bitdefender didn't showed me any warning when I first scanned it but now it says it's infected. I know and I am thinking that this is due to the virus signature update but also I put this question in general if you have executable files on your...
  19. wardy22


    do i really have to pay for WinZip. is that the program that everyone uses or is there a popular free program that does essentially the same thing. Thanks for any help
  20. T

    Any Suggestion for File Encryption Software?

    The only encryption software I know of are actually WinZip and WinRAR, which both feature AES-level encryption when you place a password on a ZIP or RAR. But can anyone suggest a more straightforward file encryption app?