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  1. Z

    How to wipe the entire hard disk and automatically shutdown the PC.

    Hi, is there a free program that will wipe the entire hard disk and then auto shut down the PC? I would use DBAN but it doesn't shut down the PC.
  2. LuckyTheLadyBug

    Do I have to wipe ALL my drives in order to remove any threat?

    Hello Tom's I think my computer may be a bot-net for a DDoS attack. Is it safe to keep my HDD (with steam games, LOTS OF PERSONAL FILES, ect intact and just Wipe the OS drive and re-install windows? Or does every drive have to be wiped clean? Even if I'm not part of a bot-net, I still like...
  3. X

    Creating a bootable usb with the Samsung Magician Secure Erase tool from a PC that does not have the SSD

    Is it possible to create a bootable usb with the Samsung Magician Secure Erase tool from a computer that does not have a SSD? When I installed Magician on my laptop, all the options in the software are grayed out, seemingly because there is no compatible SSD on the system. Can I not create a...
  4. V

    Copying / wiping a "protected" hard drive.

    I have an old laptop my school gave to me in year 10. I would like to copy the hard drive then completely wipe it, however they put locks and restrictions on it (i.e lots of blocked websites and cant open any .exes or install any progams. Any ways i can do this?
  5. K

    Trojan Downloader Not Dying!

    Dear All, I have been waging a long war with the Trojan Downloader virus. It has become more and more aggressive. Now everytime I log onto my computer I see 5 new adware appear. I have run Microsoft Malicious Hardware Removal Tool, Malwarebytes, Kaspersky, and other programs. None have fully...
  6. majic2

    Youtube not working

    Hello, Recently ( past few months)I have had problems accessing Youtube, recently its gotten to a stage where it can be down for hours for my computer but working fine on the mobile app. Then it got so worse that it got me to wipe my Pc which did not help. So then today i got home before...
  7. C

    how do i wipe a toshiba satelitte mine has too much going and i ust want a clean slate

    my toshiba satelitte L305D-S5928 is now froze and is full of useless crap downloaded over the years and stuffed full. I need to wipeit clean and have no idea how to do so. can anyonepoint a big bright finger in the right direction.