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  1. Alex Cranz

    How to Set Up the ASUS RT-N66U ‘Dark Knight’ Router

    The ASUS RT-N66U has security vulnerabilities out of the box. Here’s how to set up your new wireless router and make sure it's secure. How to Set Up the ASUS RT-N66U ‘Dark Knight’ Router : Read more
  2. K

    How to transfer photos from ipad to computer

    Actually, you have to import the photos from the iPad to the computer. Syncing photos works from the computer to the iPad. You need some sort of camera application like iPhoto on a Mac or Windows Explorer or Windows Live Photo Gallery on a PC. This article from Apple's official website...
  3. G

    WDS/Bridge issue, not accessing gateway

    Hi guys, Meaning Key: WDS/Bridge Router: The router I want to enable WDS on. Root Router: The main router I want my WDS router to connect to. (Root Router has Internet connection) I am having a problem with setting up my TP-Link WR741N Router to bridge with another router that has Internet...
  4. B

    Can I unlock netgear router?

    i have a netgear n150 router and the lock light is on. how can i unlock this??/ :cry:
  5. R

    Is it possible to unlock a 3G dongle . . .

    hai . . . I am from India and have a 3G USB Dongle . . .I want to unlock it so that I can able to use on any network and any affordable data plan !! is it really works if we unlock it ???
  6. R

    Droid 2 global sim unlock code

    I am trying to switch my droid 2 global from verizon to t-mobile. Verizon will not give me the code however because I dropped the service after about three months of dramatic over/uncessary charges and fees.
  7. S

    How do I connect to the internet on my 4.0 android tablet

    I just got a maylong 4.0 android tablet. The instuctions are vague on how to set up an internet connection. any help?
  8. L

    Need help logging on to

    Hello, trying to reset my security password- and same problem as listed- tried using admin for admin and password for password at, but seem to have locked myself out. What should I do to unlock?
  9. S

    192 168 33 1 Guest Network

    songisaac@yahoo.com I can not unlock my new Ipad, I am being asked to put the passord and only Cisco cnnnect can help. WHAT IS THE PASSWORD?
  10. D

    Can I unlock netgear router?

    Hello, My iphone 4s does not connect to my wireless network which runs on netgear wgr614 v7. It did until two weeks ago. On my phone it will not accept the password and I have not been able to connect at all. On my phone it shows the network is locked. If I unlock it will it work?
  11. 1

    Router password

    Hello, my router password dosn"t work it will not unlock on my kindel fire
  12. B

    Question My laptop computer setting is locked how do i unlock it?

    Ok, So i have a computer through my old school and i still cant get into the main part of the computer to change my password etc; How do i unblock it? when i click it, it says; please contact system administration but i cant and they wont tell me. help pleasE?
  13. J

    How do i find my network security key in router

    how do i find my network key to unlock secured wifi on the router?
  14. M

    Network Locked

    Hello, My wife has an IPOD touch she is trying to access our home network it will not allow her to access. we can access with a computer, however we cannot access with an IPOD touch. How do I allow access and unlock my network What do we need to do
  15. G

    I cant remember my security password for my modem to unlock it to connect my wii

    I cant remember my security password for my modem to unlock it to connect my wii and my dad\'s Wi-Fi phone.When i disable the security in the settings page it just goes back to Enabled all the time!!It\'s a Huawei xDSL PLEASE HELP!!!