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    My laptop keeps logging me off our wifi connection and then logs me into our wireless printer and then I can't get on to the i

    My laptop keeps logging me off our household wifi connection and when it does this it automatically logs me on to our wireless printer for wifi.....this doesn't work and I can't get on to the internet. How do I make my windows 7 laptop have a default wifi connection through our internet provider?
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    Laptop cannot print to wireless printer

    Alright, the laptop is running in windows 10, and we have a wireless printer. I've checked everything in the support website of the printer but none works because my laptop can't even detect the wireless printer at the installation at all. (Yes we are connected in the same router) Anyways, I...
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    How do I print for free from Hp laptop word to Kodak printer

    Wanting to print from my Hp laptop which is connected to Kodak wireless printer but says I have to buy a licence. How can I do this without paying? Printing from word pad.
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    Problem with HP laser wireless printer regarding wireless detection!

    Time and again I have tried installing my new HP laser wireless printer but not being successful in installing properly n configuring the wi fi thus not able too access wireless printing function through my wireless router even though upon searching the printer's IP address on my browser its...
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    Connecting HP printer to laptop

    Hi, Can you please advice me on how to setup my laptop(Compaq 610 windows 7) to a wireless printer(hp laserjet cm1415fnw) and also the drivers that i must use to install for making connection successfully. Thanks for your help.
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    Epson wireless printer issue

    I get this message when I try to print anything. "Your print request will be sent over the internet. Do you want to continue?" This did not happen for the first few months I had everything connected (set it all up in September 2012) but it has been happening for several weeks now. Can anyone...
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    How do i connect my hp laptop to my kodak wireless printer

    THANK YOU, I have a disc a hp photosmart 7800, 8000,8200 series printer work on my windows 8 lap top. will that be ok to load on my new computer for my printer to work?
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    How do i connect my hp laptop to my kodak wireless printer

    Hello, how do I connect my h laptop to my Kodak ESP5200+1175
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    Solved! Most reliable and inexpensive laptop computor

    I am a older student and need a reliable laptop for school and some pleasure activity. I want wireless acess and a word processor for research papers. I also need to be able to hook up a wireless printer and be able to use the internet. I will occassionally use it to watch DVD, can syou suggest...
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    Office wireless color b&w printer

    Office with several smaller offices. Needs a central wireless printer for usse by all smaller offices. Color and b&w, tired of buying multiple cartridges and spending more for them than the printer.